DreShe Review: What is dreshe .com?

If you’re trying to learn more about DreShe .com the real truth about the company or if it’s legitimate or not We’ll get right to the conclusion in the DreShe review below.

DreShe has been identified as a suspicious website due to one of the reasons listed below:

Contact Information

The address of the company is not listed on its website. We’ve discovered that legitimate firms always post this information on their sites. Therefore, it is evident that this website attempts to conceal the details. So, we shouldn’t be able to trust a site that is not professional for any type of online shopping.

Its email address “dreshe@onlineservice .vip” is not related to its domain name. Most scam websites are known to provide these kinds of email addresses.

The security of the site

It has posted counterfeit trust seal logos for McAfee, Norton, VeriSign, and more. on its a few Product Details pages. When you shop on this website you could be exposing your personal and financial details, such as credit card number could be stolen.

Copy content

The theme of the site and lots of other details on its website are in line with several problematic websites.

Discounts and sales deals

It lists a variety of items (such as the A Lace Embellished Midi Dress Gold Sequin Mini Dress, Elegant mini dress, high-end reflective silk embroidery, dense cotton jacket designed with mythical animal patterns and delicate Lace Maxi Dress, White Love Heart Cropped Jacket, and more.) available for sale with substantial discounts. Most scam websites are known to offer discount coupons to draw users to join their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are many similar online stores that have complaints about their products’ quality, delivery speed and also about customer service.


The reasons above can be enough to make the conclusion that DreShe is an untrustworthy online store.

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Be aware that these websites are known for changing their website’s name as well as the contents of their websites at times. Therefore, the review above is based upon the information that were posted on their website on the the date mentioned above. If you come across any other information other than the ones we’ve included in this review the site has changed their information. This, however, makes this a suspect site.

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