BrilliantStrong Review: What is brilliantstrong .com?

Looking for BrilliantStrong review to find out the truth about it? Then you’re at the right place. Let’s see whether it’s a BrilliantStrong .com fraud or a legitimate firm and whether you should believe in this website or not.

BrilliantStrong is regarded as a fraud website because of the following facts:

Contact Information

The address of the company aswell the contact number are not available the company’s website. We’ve found that legitimate businesses always have this information through their sites. It is therefore evident that this website attempts to conceal the details. Therefore, we should not be able to trust a site that is not professional for any type of online shopping.

It has provided a free email address “brilliantstrong@gmail .com”, not a domain specific one. Most legitimate online stores offer the email address associated with the domain they have registered.

Copy content

The theme of the site and a host of other information on the website are similar to several scam sites. The About Us page is also identical to a variety of suspicious and fraudulent websites.

Discounts and sales discounts and sales

It lists a variety of items (such as Ladies Print Clothing Watercolor, New Lovely Female Tops Tee Tee Fashion Print Cartoon Ladies Graphic T-Shirt Spring Summer Women’s Fashionable Floral Long Sleeve Dress with Elegant Women Long Dress Vestidos Geometric Abstract Fashion Pullovers in Watercolor Ladies Hoodies for Women’s Clothing Spring Autumn Winter Woman Sweatshirts and more.) for sale at low prices. It is common for scam websites to offer these kinds of discounts to lure customers to their fraud.

Social Media Presence

The social media icon that is linked to its company’s social media profile isn’t accessible. However, online stores that are legitimate typically have social media icons that are linked with their respective social media groups pages, profiles, or pages. Therefore, they may not have a presence on social media.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are a lot of similar online retailers with complaints about their products’ quality, delivery times as well as their customer service.


The above reasons are clear that BrilliantStrong is not anything else than a fake online store.

You will find a variety of sites that are suspicious listed in the ” Suspicious” category. You will find information different types of scams by scrolling through the ” Scams” category. You can also locate brief reviews as mentioned previously by scrolling through the ” Brief Reviews” category and you can also navigate the website’s homepage to discover the numerous interesting and insightful content in various categories by clicking HERE to go to.

If you’d like to express your opinion on something about the company and would like to share your thoughts, be sure to leave a feedback below. Additionally, you are welcome to send this review to your loved ones and friends through your social media profiles to let them know about this store’s online presence.

Note: These types of websites are known to change their site name and the content on their site at times. This review is based on the information that were posted on their website on the that date. If you discover any additional details other than those we’ve given in this review it means that this website has altered its info. This, however, makes this a suspect site.

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