Dziowa Review: What is dziowa .com?

Are you looking for a Dziowa review? If so, then you’re at the right spot because we have tried to reveal the truth about this website, to give you an idea of whether it is an Dziowa .com fraud or a legitimate online store. What you must do is to browse our site and discover the truth.

Dziowa is classified as a site that is deemed to be suspect due to the following issues:

Contact Information

The company’s name, which is its parent “FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED” is found to be used by a variety of fraudulent and shady websites. You can locate the websites using the parent firm by using search terms like FADEL BEATTY LIMITED on our site. While it has listed its parent company’s name as FADEL BEATTY LIMITED however, it could change the name of its parent company and address in the near future as a number of similar kinds of websites appear to be doing this.

The Email address “dziowa@lixvb .com” isn’t associated with its domain name. Their About Us page is also like a number of suspicious and fraudulent websites.

Social Media Presence

The social media icon that is linked to the company’s social media profile isn’t accessible. However, online stores that are legitimate generally offer social media icons that link with their respective social media groups pages, profiles or pages. Therefore, they may not have a presence on social media..

Copy content

The theme of the site and a host of other information available on its site are compatible with several problematic websites.

Discounts and sales offers

It lists a variety of items (such like: Summer Graceful Stripe Two-Piece Suit, women’s camouflage Print Casual Two-piece Suits Casual short-sleeved solid Pockets Jumpsuits Casual Simple Solid Color 3/4 Sleeve Two Piece Suit Dragonfly Vacation Daily printed jumpsuit, two Piece Casual Dress with Ruffled V-neck Maxi Dress and more.) for sale, with inflated discounts. The majority of scam websites are known to offer these kinds of discounts in order to lure customers to their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are many similar online stores that have complaints regarding their product’s quality, delivery speed and also about customer service.


Based on the above-mentioned evidence, we are able to conclusively conclude that Dziowa is an untrustworthy online store.

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Be aware that these websites are suspected of changing their website’s name and the content on their site at times. Therefore, the review above is based on the information that were posted on their website on the the date mentioned above. If you discover any additional information that is not what we’ve included in this review it means that this website has altered its info. This, however, makes it a suspicious website.

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