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Are you intrigued by the night sky, and attracted by the gibbous moon, which charms the sky? Astronomy has played a significant role in the history of civilizations for centuries and the various elements we see from our planet continues to entice us. While in the past humans were able to comprehend the rising and setting times of moons, it’s now replaced by websites.

Phasemoon is among the most popular websites that are trending throughout Indonesia as well as Vietnam. We provide an extensive article on the exact same topic. However, the actual website is

What exactly is Phasemoon?

Phasemoon is among the most popular websites that allows users to determine the moon’s phase in their country. In addition, you can find the proportion of visibility for any given day and in the area. Additionally, you are informed about whether the moon will be waxing, or waving in the moon. This information is accessible for the other times as well. This way you can get a better understanding of the moon’s phases and the visibility.

In the coming parts we will provide a detailed information about Phasemoon’s com. Continue reading further.

What Are Other Informations Available on the Website?

The phasemoon website is an original website that teaches users on the phases of moon. In the current time we don’t have the enough time to stare towards the night sky, this site appears to be a perfect site to keep track on moon’s phases.

Below are other information on the site:

  • The moon’s phases of the moment and its cycle
  • It is the date for new moons, the first quarter, full , and the final quarter
  • What number of days, hours and minutes are left to the next full moonor new moon?
  • Setting and rising time
  • Age of the moon, angles and distance – Other details

Below are the criteria to verify the legitimacy of the website to verify its authenticity. Read the listed parameters for the website –

  • Its trust rank is 85.9%. site is averaging trust score of 85.9 percent.
  • Domain Age The website was launched on the 24th of August, 2018.
  • Expiry Date: This domain will expire on 24 August 2022.
  • User Reviews – There aren’t any reviews of users available online

Based on the criteria that the website was based on, it required further investigation to determine if is genuine or not. We recommend that users do their own research to establish the legitimacy prior to making use of the website.

Final Conclusive

Phasemoon is a unique website that gives users an opportunity to look up the moon’s phases, regardless of whether it’s an full moon or a new moon. On this website, users are able to not only learn about the setting and rising times for the moon’s phases on a specific day, but also the time of any other part of the world. In addition, you will learn about the distance and the age of moon.

We hope that this article provides all the information you need about You want to learn more about the website? more about the website?. Visit here.

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