Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go {January 2022} Check The Best Pokemon List

In this article we will discuss what we think are the Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go The Best Overall Pokemon and The Sinnoh Cup tier list.

Are you a Pokemon Go fanatic? Are you interested in the next Sinnoh Cup? Would you like to learn more about the competition? If yes, then stay tuned to us.

The season 10 of Pokemon Go Battle League has begun. It’s time for players to get their rank up to Legend. A large number of players around the world are eager to know more about the coming Sinnoh Cup in Season 10 Battle League. In this article we’ll discuss Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go and the top Pokemon for the event.

What’s it? Sinnoh Cup?

The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup is an excellent opportunity to play using Battle League combos that you would not normally use in regular tournaments. Participants can only use Pokemon between the numbers #387 – #493 during this tournament and must come located in the territory of Sinnoh as the title of the tournament implies.

Additionally, none of these other Pokemon might be more than 1500 CP which further limits their choices. Between January 10 and 24, 2021 The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup will coincide alongside The Great League tournament.

The All-Time Most Popular Pokemon to play in the Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go :

  • Lucario: Total Score 1532.
  • Bastiodon Total Score 2726.
  • Pachirisu Score: Overall Score 2044.
  • Gastrodon All-Time Score 1958.
  • Abomasnow (Shadow) Overall Score 1877.
  • Abomasnow Score: Overall Score 1877.
  • Froslass Score: Overall Score 1817.
  • Drapion (Shadow): Overall Score 1892.
  • Toxicroak The Overall Score is 1637.
  • Munchlax The Overall Score 2158.
  • Cresselia Cresselia: Overall Score 2405.
  • Drifblim overall Score 1868.
  • Magnezone Score: Overall Score 1653.
  • Drapion Total Score 1892.
  • Gallade (Shadow): Overall Score 1633.
  • Electivire (Shadow): Overall Score 1553.
  • Gliscor (Shadow) The Overall Score for 1931
  • Hippowdon Total Score 1913.

The Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go Tier List

Sinnoh Cup Lead Tier List

When facing the adversary facing them, the Lead Pokemon will be the first option. The players must select one with strong defense and sufficient strike strength to inflict massive damage during a battle. It is recommended to save at least one protection for them, but players could choose to utilize any.

Sinnoh Cup Switch Tier List

This Switch Pokemon position is the alternative to replace the player’s primary Pokemon with. This Pokemon can be used to counterattack against any Pokemon which is able to beat it. It can also be used to beat the Lead Pokemon, or it could be used to combat other Pokemon options on Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go. People should always keep both of their shields, or at the very least one to use in their Switch choice.

Sinnoh Cup Closer Tier List

Each and every one from the Final Pokemon are featured in the Final Set. Since the Pokemon located in these positions will serve as the final defence against enemies The players require them to have the best defenses and be the strongest in the list. This also means that they can be capable of inflicting massive destruction.


The Sinnoh Cup and the Great League battles have already begun. It’s time for players to show their skills and rise quickly to become the Legend. Go to the Sinnoh Cup PVP Ranking Page for more details.

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