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Personal statement writing: tips on writing a good personal statement

Writing personal statements for college – why is this so necessary?

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Doubtlessly, writing a personal statement for graduate school is probably the most significant piece of writing that most students aiming to gain entry in higher education have to complete perfectly. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the supply of good courses in many areas of study is outstripped by demand. The discouraging result is that for some highly competitive courses, such as English, medicine, physics or law the number of applicants can exceed supply by ten times. It is a common situation for the lion’s share of educational centers in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK. Obviously, most universities have no resources to interview all potential candidates. This is why writing a personal statement college essay is the only way to increase one’s chances of success. Indeed, it is naïve to claim success without a good personal statement. All candidates have to prove that they are the best by providing excellent texts, which completely reflect their personalities and demonstrate their already great writing and creative skills. Surely, to create a persuasive and potentially winning material one should know perfectly how to structure, formalize and edit a standard academic statement.

How to write a personal statement essay: from introduction to conclusions

By bringing structure to the text before you start writing it, outlines greatly maximize your efficiency. Additionally, a correct pre-structure enables you to perform crucial early tests of your writing ideas before you have invested too much work in them. In other words, it is also the best moment to seek a personal statement help in order to evaluate your ideas from another point of view. Each single outline you create must be written according to the following fundamental organization: Introduction. One paragraph introducing the most essential themes and setting its tone. When writing a personal statement for graduate school or another type of such papers one has to make the introduction section as laconic as possible. Body paragraphs. Usually, each paragraph of an academic personal statement college essay includes two different subsections: theme and evidence parts of the material that illustrate the main author’s point. Following this, each paragraph in the body should consist of:
  • Theme sentence – the first sentence of the paragraph states the topic or theme that this paragraph proves. Naturally, good personal statements for college are intended to be persuasive, thereby, each of these sentences must attract the reader’s eye.
  • Evidence sentences – various proves, quotations, author’s concepts and achievements. A standard business school personal statement must demonstrate that the writer is familiar with commonly accepted terms and ideas in this academic sphere.
  • Conclusion. This paragraph pulls together all the mentioned facts and provides verifications of the author’s writing skills. This section is so important that many writers prefer writing a good personal statement starting from conclusions.
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Writing a grad school personal statement: conclusions

A correct final section of a standard personal statement college essay must illustrate several key-points. It needs to provide a synthesized (but not vague or banal) conclusion out of the body paragraphs that have preceded it. Obviously, it must do so without simply repeating the theme statement from the introduction or merely restating the key point of each body paragraph. Thereby, a final part of a persuasive personal statement essay must contain the essence of the author’s thoughts, plans and aspirations. Needless to say, writing a personal statement for college, which meets all these requirements is not an easy task, however, the potential results are surely worth it.
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