How to Write a Great College Application Essay

After completing your application forms and taking the necessary tests, the next step is to write a compelling application essay. This essay is around 500 words, but it determines whether or not you get accepted or rejected. Although you’ll spend hours researching and writing the essay, the admission officers only take a few minutes to read it. So, you must make it your best. To ensure this, these are some of the steps to take:

1. Read the instructions and follow them carefully

Starting is always the most challenging part of writing an essay, so you have to read the instructions given carefully before you start. Given how excited you are about writing the essay, it’s easy to skip the necessary instructions. If you fail to follow the essay guidelines, you’re likely to be rejected. The admissions office would assume that you’ll fail to follow the university’s directives. Take note of the word counts and page limit. Also, your submission has to follow the laid down rules. After following these instructions, the next step is to create an outline for your essay and decide how you want it to go.

2. Write a compelling introduction.

It’s hard to achieve excellent writing, but it’s not impossible if you go about it the right way. The best way to get the reader’s attention is to start with a catchy introduction. Since the admission officer only has a few minutes to review your essay, you must win them over from the first paragraph.

3. Use your inner voice.

Universities want quality thinking and authenticity, so you must try to write your essay around unique ideas or phrases, not something that other people have tried or used earlier. Write based on your genuine beliefs. This essay is an opportunity to impress the admission officer with your knowledge and determination of the subject matter you choose. Ensure it reflects your ambitions and skills and proves how the program you’re applying for will help you achieve your future goals.

4. Avoid clichés

While researching for your application essay, it’s crucial to check out other examples so you can get inspired. This may be a good exercise for you, but you must ensure that you don’t get too influenced by the examples you’re seeing. This is a mistake that many students make, and they end up using too many clichés that may dampen their chances. 

You always have to note that you’re competing with thousands of others for a spot in the university, so you must learn to distinguish yourself. Read through your essay again, delete sentences and phrases that sound cliché, and make it more original. The admissions officers read through thousands of college application essays every year, so they can easily spot a cliché. Bringing personality to your essay helps you to stand out from the rest. 

5. Support your ideas with good examples

Your college application essay will give a glimpse into your mind, how it works, and how you view the world. The best way to show this credibly is to write your essay so that everything supports a viewpoint. While many students reach out to online essay services such as buy custom essay to ensure they can submit great application essays, you can do it by yourself. First, try to figure out your personal qualities and how the essay question relates to them, then write from that angle. 

This means that you aren’t only stating a fact when expressing your idea. You’re also going to add specific examples and details to develop those ideas. One way to do this is to offer examples from your experiences and write about your motivation and how you developed certain beliefs. 

6. Have a clear essay plan

Creativity is crucial to writing an essay successfully, but this doesn’t mean that your paper shouldn’t be organized because you’re trying to be creative. Ensure to write about one subject per time. There’s a limit to the number of words you can write, so you shouldn’t try to cover it all in an essay. Have a clear plan to follow for your essay, be clear about the main idea behind your essay and organize it into the three parts of an essay. 

7. Get someone else to proofread your essay.

After writing, you have to read it repeatedly to be sure it’s excellent. However, you may still fail to point out little things in the essay that may affect your chances. So, it’s ideal that you give it to other people to proofread for you. For example, you could give it to professionals providing writing essay service to proofread or your friends and family. This ensures that you can pick out some grammar, spelling and typo errors in the essay. Also, getting someone to view it may give you a fresh perspective on the essay and help you improve it. 


Writing a great college application essay isn’t easy because of the stiff competition, but it’s not impossible to write one that gets you admission. The steps in this article can help you achieve your goal. 

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