NFT Zodiacs Read Its Features, Buying Details!

This article outlines the crypto gaming token as well as non-fungible coins that offer gambling and stake rewards to the most efficient players. Learn more about the NFT Zodiacs.

Are you looking to purchase non-fungible tokens that are based on various signs of the astrological calendar? If so, you should go through this article until the very end to find out more about this game based on blockchain that offers players an entirely different experience.

Cryptogamers who hail from BrazilPortugal as well as Vietnam can be thrilled by the wide range of gaming themes as well as potential reward ideas into the gaming industry. This project in cryptography focuses on an online racing game that has a variety of choices available to its players. Learn more about the NFT Zodiacs.

The Zodiacs

Zodiacs are an online game based on blockchain that allows players to buy different NFTs in game. The racing game allows gamers to collect cars featuring various Zodiac signs. The cars are constructed with 12 different images of signs components, drivers, and components.

Zodiac games are a way to set up an engine for games to establish an established rule to determine the winners of races. The gaming token used in Zodiac is ZDC and ZDC is an e-gaming utility token that can be used to buy gaming equipment and NFTs according to the current market prices.

NFT Zodiacs

  • The user must purchase a vehicle using the ZDC token in order to take part in games.
  • The car’s performance increases as the performance of player in each fight.
  • The duration of each fight is set to 30 seconds.
  • The athlete must give their best effort in the 30 second Battle Field race.
  • Every player is awarded for their achievements.
  • The prize awarded to the winners is made up of Fragments, Experience Points and Tokens.
  • The current cost in ZDC is $0.09699 and the market Cap stands at $2,147,523. ZDC also has an SRCS in the amount of 21,000,000 ZDC.


  • Kevin Doan is the founder of NFT Zodiacs..
  • David Nguyen is the co-founder of the project.
  • Mike Tran is in charge of marketing.
  • Thuy Chi, a fashion designer.
  • Jack Trinh is a developer.

How to Purchase as well as Play?

  • Visit the official site of Zodiac games.
  • Since the Zodiac contracts utilize Binance Smart Chain, the customer is required to pay the minimum amount of BNB in gas costs.
  • The website must be connected to wallets, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  • The wallet used by the user should have BNB tokens.
  • Alongside BNB tokens, players must also have 2000 ZDC tokens to be able to play the game. Find out more to learn more about Zodiacs from NFT.
  • The user can use the ZDC tokens to create additional ZDC tokens to stake for purposes.

ZDC Staking

  • Go to ‘My Zodiac’ on the menu on the left.
  • Pick a car you like by paying sufficient gas costs.
  • Choose the stake option.
  • Choose Zodiacs stacking, and then select the car that will be staked.
  • Input the period of staking and enter the ZDC amount.
  • The rewards for staking are transferred to the user’s account.


NFT gaming projects based on NFT are getting more popular among players of the crypto community because they offer good reward for gaming, such as tokens. To learn more on this cryptocurrency go to.

Have you ever tried purchasing any NFTs for gaming like Zodiacs NFT? If yes, leave a post a comment below about your experiences.

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