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Emcity21.com.Activate provides information about the Emerald city comic con which will assist visitors in getting through the convention center this year.

It is the Emerald city Comicon annual event returns this year to comic book lovers from in the United States after it was canceled the previous year. The pandemic scare stopped it from reaching the goal of 100,000 attendees however, this is an unproven possibility due to the coronavirus’s new version.

They anticipate that they will expect to have 50000 or more people attending in the year-long event, spread across four days. Emerald City management has taken all necessary precautions ahead of this year’s live event and participants has to activate their badges through Emcity21.com/activate to gain admission into ECCC.

Emerald City Comicon:

ECC is a once a year comic book convention which has been taking place since 2003 at Washington State Convention Centre. The convention, which began with just 3000 people a year prior, has grown to an annual gathering of over 100000 people throughout the decades.

The comic book retail store Jim Demonakos became famous in the year it was first introduced, however Reed Exhibitions took over its control in 2015 and made it an event that spans multiple days. Some of the events included in this show include panel discussions, prizes contests, events, and participation by celebrities.

Emcity21.com Activate to make badges:

The annual ECC convention is slightly different from the previous year in terms of the entry process and procedure. The most important rules that attendees must adhere to are listed below.

  • To confirm vaccinations users must download the Clear app and then obtain an Clear Health certificate by providing all the necessary information regarding coronavirus vaccination.
  • Individuals can also provide their government ID as well as evidence of vaccination on the ECC website.
  • People who are not vaccinated must show that they have an antigen test as negative. Antigen Test within the first 24 hours after entry every day.
  • Individuals who haven’t been vaccinated may also have negative lab PCR results within 72 hours of entering.
  • If they click on the Emcity21.com/Activate link, customers can request activation of their badges, which is essential to gain entry into Emerald center this year.

For those who are not vaccinated The wristbands will be given out daily and should be worn throughout their stay at the center for conventions.

What can the fans look forward to at Emerald City Comic Con 2021?

The current ECC event spans four days beginning on 2nd December and concluding on December 5th, Sunday. The details of this event are listed below.

  1. The location to host this convention is Washington the state convention centre.
  2. For a health check-up as well as registration, people are able to check in the Grand Hyatt and use Emcity21.com. Activate to gain access.
  3. Photos and events like photoshoots or autographs by celebrities will be held on the premises of Sheraton Hotel.
  4. The most famous athletes who will be attending the event are Tim Curry and John Cena.

Last verdict

Although the ticket sales for this event began in June, and completely sold out within just the initial hour auction, visitors interested in attending the event can visit this website for the tickets online. The upcoming ECC event is going to be enjoyable for fans of all ages since it is expected to have fewer visitors as compared to previous.

Participants at the Emerald comic festival can express their thoughts in the comment section of Emcity21.com’s Click here to activate your post below.

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