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This article will be about Wiki Kelly Rizzo, a prominent blogger, journalist, and host on television, who made a great deal of benefits from the Blog’s web series.

Are you a fervent fan or fan in the footsteps of Kelly Rizzo? Are you looking forward to knowing the specifics of this well-known American model?

Kelly is well-known as the creator of Eat Travel Rock and is a blogger, TV host as well as an American model.

If you’re one of her followers from Canada, United States and other regions, you might learn some interesting information as well as the Wiki Kelly Rizzo from the following article.

What was the first time of Kelly Rizzo?

Kelly is from an Christian household within America. U.S., and her mother is Sharon Rizzo, and her father is Santo Rizzo. Kelly belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has the nationality of America.

Kelly received her bachelor’s degree in journalism at The University of Iowa. Additionally, she completed her studies in Media and Film Studies at Chicago’s DePaul University, with a minor in Italian. Kelly then joined the family business and worked for more than 10 years.

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Who’s Wiki Kelly Rizzo?

Kelly Rizzo, an entrepreneur writer, author, TV host and journalist who is located on the state of Illinois, Chicago. She is 42 years old. older and popular American journalist, who gained notoriety for her blog’s web-based series.

In addition, she was married to BOB Saget who passed away on the 9th of January 2022, aged 65 years old in Florida, U.S., at Unicorporated Orange County. Her stepchildren are Jennifer Belle Saget, Lara Melanie Saget along with Aubrey Saget.

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Kelly’s work life good?

Kelly is a well-known and young blogger who featured her own web show, The Food Channel, which helped Wiki Kelly Rizzo achieve fame. She also served as a host of NBC5 Chicago and VH1’s “Rocking Right Now” radio show. Additionally, Kelly co-founded Dream Town Realty together with her mother over fifteen years back.

What year did Kelly get married to Bob Saget?

Kelly announced on Instagram regarding her engagement to Bob Saget, who was a full-time actor at the Beach at Shutters in Santa Monica, California, on October 28, 2018.

They were introduced by an acquaintance in 2015 and it seems that they struck up a friendship instantly. She has also shared numerous photos and messages over social media platforms, she has been sharing information about her relationship with her husband.

Are you curious the details about the Wiki Kelly Rizzo? She is 1.7m which isn’t quite as tall than her husband’s.

Bob disclosed that his 15-year marriage with Sherri Kramer ended with divorce.

What was Kelly accomplish after completing the course?

Kelly graduated from her undergraduate studies and then entered the field of real estate following in her family’s footsteps. She was in the industry for 15 years before co-founding Dream Town Realty with her mother.

She left the real estate business in order to create Eat Travel Rock, travel and food web series as well as a Blog. Michigan Avenue Magazine crowned Rizzo as the Travel Queen. It is a magazine that targets readers who are more expensive for those who aren’t familiar of the title.


How do you define the Wiki of Kelly Rizzo? Kelly Rizzo, a well-known journalist from America was famously recognized through the web-based series. She has a net worth 41 511 dollars. While she has a glamorous lifestyle, Kelly Rizzo was divorced and struggled throughout her life.

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