Viral Scandal November 2022: What are the Most Recent News Stories?

This post will inform you about the new Viral Scandal, November 2022.

Do you want to learn about viral scandals that have been going back-toback? Are you curious to see what’s in this video? Recent video showing a Philippines boy/girl getting popular everywhere. We also saw a student and teacher scandal.

What’s the Viral Scandal November 2022? Who are the people responsible for these leaked videos and images? This post will provide more information about the scandal.

What are the most recent news stories?

New viral trends are emerging after the leaks of video and images of Volleyball girls. People want as much information and video is the most talked about topic on the internet. The video shows teen/school-going children engaging in intimate activities, which isn’t sending the right message to their age group.

What’s the Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery like?

This video is becoming increasingly popular and was shared on social media in November 2022. The video has been shared across all platforms, including YouTube and torrents. The video shows two teenagers, one boy, and one girl, sitting in a cemetery.

The boy began recording a video using his mobile phone. We could clearly see graves in background. The locket is worn by both boys and girls. The locket is worn by the boy in a white shirt with red stripes and half-pants. A girl, also wearing white top and grey bottom, is seen with her ID card.

We can see that both are school-going children from the same school after watching Cemetery Scandal.

A few facts about the Cemetery Pinay video.

  • We can see that they are students from the video.
  • The full video shows that they are filming video from the cemetery.
  • They are in a romantic relationship.
  • We later discover that they both engage in intimate activities as well as performing grown-up acts.
  • A cemetery is the place they chose to perform such an activity.
  • The New Viral Cemetery video clearly shows their faces.

Where can I find the video link?

The video has gone viral and you will find many links to it. Not all links are trustworthy.

This video is rated 18+ and is not available online due to the sensitive nature of the subject. However, some people may circulate links under the name of the cemetery.

You can choose to crop the video or make it editable. Many Viral Scanal November 2022links also contain irrelevant information such as advertisements or promotion of their website.

DISCLAIMER We do not endorse or support such videos. This article is a compilation of information that we have found based on our readers’ search abilities.


A cropped, uncut video of a teenage girl is now available online. People want to learn more. We are unable to provide the complete video link because the original video has been deleted. To view the cropped video, you can follow one YouTube channel.

Did you find all the information you needed about Pinay cemetery? Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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