S55x Chain com What’s AN S55x Chain?

This article provides info concerning S55x Chain com. S55x Chain and informs readers the specifics of the merchandise additionally because the motive behind its use.

Are you {interested incurious concerning inquisitive about fascinated by} learning additional about the product offered by S55xchain.com? are you wanting to learn whether or not these product will accomplish the tasks you would like or not? everybody from across the world have an interest in knowing whether or not it is the right option to purchase S55x Chain S55x Chain for agricultural functions or not.

In the info during this post, your queries are answered as we’ll speak the facts concerning S55x Chain and supply you with the whole info offered.

What’s AN S55x Chain?

S55x Chain is AN agriculture machinery item that is employed to make the machinery and is totally interchangeable. Its S55x Chain is built from best materials that facilitate to prolong the lifetime of the machine’s shell.

The majority of individuals everywhere the planet like S55x Chain but, if you have another machine that is either giant or tiny, you’ll choose between varied sizes additionally. Let’s discuss the options that build this Chain distinctive and distinct from different chains that ar designed for a specific functions.

Is there a web site that’s connected with S55xCom?

After looking out the online for a short while, we tend to couldn’t find a website with the address S55x.com. However, we tend to did discover AN item that’s associated with agricultural instrumentality, thus let’s point out these. The S55x specifications for the Chain is:

  • Pitch- 41.4
  • The distance between plates within the innermost a part of the plate is twenty
  • Link Plate Length- twenty
  • Link Plate Thickness – three
  • Pin Length- thirty eight
  • Diameter of the Roller- fifteen.88
  • Weight/kg- a pair of.2
  • Pin Length (2nd)- forty.7
  • Minimum Tensile Strength: kN fifty
  • Average Tensile Strength(kN) fifty five
  • Stock Code – zero

It is thought-about to be the foremost ideal possibility for machines employed in agriculture thanks to the high strength and quality of the Chain, that keeps the machine in smart functioning in smart operating order.

What is it that creates S55x Chain.com different?

Certain aspects will build S55x Chain special and a superior selection for everybody.

  • The chains ar created of various attachments, coatings materials, slats, additionally as pushers.
  • All S55x chains ar created with the foremost trendy and most advanced technology, and varied techniques, creating S55x chains a good possibility for all.
  • The link plates of S55x chains ar made up of cold drawn steel. This enhances the enduringness thanks to that the grains align.
  • The Chain is bolstered and secured by the employment of press match additionally as spin-riveting to confirm that users are not involved that S55xCom chains breaking. S55xCom chains breaking in operating.
  • Chains ar utilised during a style of industries for varied uses, like set up oil Industries, Sugar cement, Automotive, Food, Steel producing, Waste and usage, Bulk Material Handling, Agriculture, and lots of different industries.

What’s the price on S55x Chain? S55x Chain?

The cost for the S55x Chain is completely different from website to web site, and on some sites you’ll get the rice once you have got place down the required ingredients. Therefore, so as to search out the proper value take care to travel through the various websites to settle on the one that’s more cost-effective.


With the on top of information on S55x Chain.com it’s apparent that this product is extremely sought-after which customers ar glad with the S55x chain. you’ll purchase the merchandise through a honorable web site and observe its functions in motion.

Have you tried the S55x Chain? Tell North American nation what you’re thinking that. us.

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