Limewire NFT (Mar 2022) Check The Coming Back As NFT Marketplace

In this article we look at Lime Wire company and the new Limewire NFT marketplace.

Are you aware of Limewire which was initially launched as a file-sharing site and is now available to the market as an NFT exchange? In this article we’ll go over Limewire briefly and explain the details of what Limewire can be used for. is.

Non-Fungible Tokens are becoming increasingly popular, along with Canada, the United States, and many other countries around the world. A lot of people believe that NFT will be the next big thing. This is the reason why many businesses are trying their hand in this market. In the same way, Limewire company is entering this market by launching their own marketplace for NFT.

Let’s talk about more Limewire NFT in this article.

What is Limewire?

Lime Wire was a file-sharing site which was shut down as a result of a few problems in the year of 2010. Lime Wire was a pretty popular peer-to peer file sharing platform in the past since it was among the few platforms that allowed users download music, as well as other files without cost.

The reason behind the shutdown was primarily copyrighted. The judge in the federal court found that the platform to be a source of copyright infringements on a vast scale. The company is a prominent name in the market and have recently made an announcement about their return through the NFT marketplace. The marketplace will be focused on music-related items as they did before.

Is Limewire Back a File-sharing Company?

The answer is no, Lime Wire is not intending to relaunch as a file-sharing business; Instead, they plan to launch the first NFT marketplace that will concentrate on digital assets of the industry of music. Lime Wire was previously focused on music but now, it’s focused specifically in the field of entertainment.

The company has announced they are planning to launch their NFT marketplace will be available beginning in May. They have put up a waiting list for those who are interested in their marketplace and would like Limewire download for digital asset.

About Limewire NFT Marketplace

The company is extremely concentrated on their new business and has been working on it for quite many years. Lime Wire has partnerships with several famous musicians as well as well-established firms in the NFT sector.

The company’s aim is to help make NFT easier to access, which is why they don’t plan to offer their NFT in cryptocurrency; instead they plan to list their NFT in exchange to USD. US dollar. Users can trade NFT using US dollars, and then gain access to the Limewire NFT through just entering the details of their credit card.


Lime Wire has taken a step by ignoring cryptocurrencies from the NFT and everyone knows NFT from cryptocurrency due to the smart contract, among other features. Therefore, we aren’t sure whether this plan will work or not. If you’re interested, you can sign up to the waiting list of this marketplace for NFT this link.

What are your thoughts on the NFTs with no cryptocurrency? Do you think it’s simpler and has greater advantages? Share your opinions regarding this NFT marketplace in the comments section below. Please make sure to share the Limewirepost to let others know about it.

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