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What would you do if your pilot was under the influence? To learn more about the pilot, please read our James Clifton Jetblue article.

A person must complete years of training before becoming a professional pilot. One incident shocked the United States because a renowned pilot was found to be under the influence of heavy substances that could have caused the death of everyone aboard the plane.

What was the next step? What were the actions taken by the airline against the pilot? Continue reading the James Clifton Jetblue post if you want to find out the answers to these questions.

James, who are you?

James, a 52-year old pilot who has been flying for a long time, is an example of a veteran pilot. It is quite remarkable that a crew of this experience would behave in such a reckless manner. This raises additional questions, like whether he has ever taken similar actions before.

This behavior is not justified as drunkenness can cause cognitive impairment which could lead to poor judgment. These irresponsible actions pose a danger to the safety of all aboard.

James Clifton Jetblue was the victim of an investigation.

James was a flyer and was taken from the aircraft. He was later brought to jail for being suspected of having been drunk. TSA officers observed James being intoxicated and immediately reported it to the authorities.

The authorities quickly acted and stopped the pilot from taking the plane off the ground. The TSA agent should be commended for his prompt action. A drunken man would have been in charge of the plane if he wasn’t there.

Information about the incident

After being accused of having consumed alcohol while on duty, a TSA officer took James Clifton Jetblue into custody. To determine if he was drunk, he was taken from his cabin and given a breathalyzer test.

The man was arrested and handed over to airline security. The pilots’ blood alcohol content threshold of 0.04 was exceeded by 0.17. They are also more significant than highway drivers who have 0.80.

Due to the squabbling, the aircraft was delayed for almost four hours. Because of his actions, the James Clifton Jetblue will be facing federal prosecution. His actions put at risk the lives and assets of passengers.

More information could be released as the investigation continues and the case moves forward to trial. James’s professional career is at risk due to his actions.


Even though James Clifton, of Jetblue company, had already arrived at the airport, and was about to embark on a journey, he was captured and taken from the aircraft. This caused the flight to be delayed by many hours.

In the absence of James Clifton Jetblue removal, a catastrophic event could have occurred. We welcome your comments on this story!

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