Hyfol.com Reviews Is This A Legitimate Or Scam Website?

This article focuses on what is known about the Hyfol Review to establish its credibility by looking at all the crucial elements.

Are you searching for an internet-based shopping site that will make your outfit more attractive? This winter seems that Hyfol, the Hyfol website has brought you a range of winter attire for people in United States to create a glamorous appearance. Do you believe that all of the online shopping sites are legitimate? Go through the entire blog to discover the answer and evaluate all the aspects by reading Hyfol Review in depth. Let’s begin by discussing the Hyfol website in a brief manner!

What exactly is Hyfol.com?

It is a Hong Kong-based online store that sells diverse kinds of clothing for both women and men. They also state that they believe in teamwork and providing travelers with the finest gears and outerwears. According to the Official website of the portal, its primary goal is to protect the values of self-confidence freedom, family, and self. This is the most basic information on this website. Let us approve specifics in depth to find out, Is Hyfol Legit?

Specifications of Hyfol.com

  • Domain URL – https://www.hyfol.com/.
  • Creation Date – 21st April 2021, at 12:00, am.
  • Website Type Website Type online site that sells a variety of outfits for both women and men.
  • Email contact us@hyfol.com.
  • Contact Number:+86 19868582106
  • Address Room 4, 16/F HO King Commercial Center, 2-16 FAYUEN Street, MONGKOK KOWLOON, HONG KONG.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies They’ll take care of the shipment as soon as they receive the notification of order and it will take about 10-12 business days to ship the item.
  • The Return Policy and the Refund Policy 30-day return period and refunds will be processed when they receive the item and can take 7 days to start for the account to reflect.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews We can’t find Hyfol reviews on their official website or other websites.
  • Social Media Presence The icons are available for Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Based on the above information This website appears to be genuine, however it doesn’t conclude. Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons before looking at the legitimate elements in greater detail.

Positive Highlights

  • This site offers a 30 30-day return guarantee.
  • Social media hyperlinks are accessible on the official site.
  • If you have any questions you may contact us via email. available.
  • Easy filtering for the items.

Negative Highlights

  • Hyfol reviews are not found on the official website as well as social media pages.
  • Website popularity is extremely low. It has only 2806436 visitors.
  • The information on the owner’s name is not available. The only information available is that somebody from China is the owner of this website.
  • Negative reviews can be seen on reputable review sites.

In the above points In the above highlights, the negative version appears better than the Positives. But, we have to verify all valid factors in depth to determine whether a website is genuine or not. It should be trustworthy and simple to use. Let’s discuss the various aspects in depth!

Uncover the reasons to consider is Hyfol a legitimate business?

  • The date for creation of the domain is 21st April 2021 this is just under one year. The expiry date was also 21st April 2022 (less than 6 months remaining). The newly launched website will soon expire be aware of this before buying.
  • In the process of searching for the address above it turns out to belong to an Ominar Technology Co company. Ltd. This website is fraudulent.
  • According to the study The Trust Index found is only 21.4 out 100, which is quite low.
  • Hyfol Review are not available on the official website as well as the social media sites.
  • The Malware Score and the Trust Score are just 1percent, which makes it highly suspect.
  • The social media sites are active, but with less details and there are no ratings.
  • We can’t determine the authenticity aspect for an email address or a phone number. Email ID. Therefore, whether they’re functioning or not is not known.
  • The content found duplicated on other sites. Another negative aspect.

These reasons make this site a highly suspect website therefore, let’s look at reviews in depth for complete transparency.

Hyfol reviews: What Customers had to say about their experience

We all know that customer reviews make any site transparent, however the absence of reviews makes a website suspect. This means that for this Hyfol site, it are unable to find any reviews on any platform, however on review websites there are negative reviews that state they are not receiving a refund or the product. Additionally, if you’ve placed an order through this website and want to share your feedback please help us by commenting on the following section.

The Final Words

Based on our findings for Hyfol Review, we can affirm that the website is not legitimate and we recommend choosing a reliable eCommerce site for the purchase you make online. We have also provided all the valid reasons for the readers of our site to evaluate the website’s authenticity on its own.

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