Hit Piece NFT Scam (February 2022) Some Aspects Here!

Hit Piece NFT Scam
Hit Piece NFT Scam

In this article we look at a popular and trending scam the present in the NFT industry and that’s the Hit Piece NFT scam.

Non-Fungible tokens are gaining acclaim all over the internet and are currently in the top of the list for NFTs. But, many factors hinder NFTs from their true popularity. It is important to consider the negatives of NFTs when we accept NFTs. A very frequent con is NFT frauds.

Many people in across the United States and around the world are being scammed under disguised as NFTs. In this blog we look at one of the scams that have been trending that has recently been reported on NFTs.

Learn more regarding the Hit Piece NFT scam and more details in this article.

Briefing Hit Piece

The Hit Piece is a platform or NFT marketplace that lets you purchase, trade and even sell NFTs that you are interested in. The NFTs that you can find on the Hit Piece platform are based on the music of artists who have hit songs, from the world-renowned rapper Drake to lesser-known Australian groups.

Users can browse through their most loved songs on the NFT marketplace, and then purchase the one that is most suitable for them The songs they purchase will be unique to them. But, there’s a caveat: everybody is talking about: Hit Piece is a scam.

What is Hit Piece NFT Scam?

There’s a scam in this beautiful NFT marketplace. That is the musicians whose tracks they use on their marketplace haven’t been informed that the platform uses their music. Each artist is asked to request their music to be deleted on the Hit Piece platform which is correct.

A pact is a method that the artist hasn’t been told that their music is being used as a substitute in exchange for money. In the wake of their illegal actions the website of Hit Piece was shut down and there’s no NFT exchange currently due to the Hit Piece The NFT Fraud.

Artists Reviews On This NFT Scam

Artists can be quite insecure when they know that this website is selling artwork, and the reviews on this platform are extremely negative.

Most artists are unhappy over this move by the Hit Piece’s platform. Here are reviews that says: NFT website Hitpiece sells our music (and other artists’ music) without our permission or our permission. ??!! In the event that you PayPal us $110 instead, you can visit or stop by to explore the downsides, and then we’ll have lunch together – columbus_bne.

There are many reviews similar to this with reference in relation to the hit piece NFT scam.

The Final Verdict

The Hit Piece NFT platform is absolutely a scam and there’s no need to use their platform to buy and sell the work of artists, regardless of the way they operate. NFTs are sure to become increasingly popular, and may possibly be in the next few years, however, it is important be wary of this scam prior to purchasing NFT. Conduct a thorough investigation on the NFT marketplace that you’re buying and then make your decision accordingly. Find out details about the Hit piece fraud.

What do you think about this scam? Share your thoughts about this scam in the comment section below. Please make sure to share the Hit Piece Network For Terror scam for sharing with others.

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