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This article provides a website that gives users an actual-life simulation to help calm the mind of the human. Learn more on The Fatal To the Flesh Website.

Are you looking for an online website which offers simulation-based tasks using the actual visual output of users? If so, then go through this article thoroughly to learn more about this specific website in depth.

Individuals from United Kingdom, and United States find websites that simulate the real world more enjoyable since they are able to provide nearly results as real-life ones with the aid of technology that is modern. Technology helps make the simulations more real-life to the actual event. Learn more about this site. The Fatal To Flesh website.

Information about the website

Fataltotheflesh.com is a site created by an anonymous individual or group of people that offers the users with simulated activities. The site provides visitors with an empty, white page on the main page of the website. The white paper could be thought of as living skin that has blood underneath the paper.

The computer users are able to move their mouse across the paper. Likewise, users who have touch screens can make cuts on the paper based on the requirements of the user. As they cut in the paper, the cut marks becomes red as if blood stains that are present on the body of a wound.

“Fatal To the Flesh” Website

  • The website allows you to create marks that look like cuts, to stop individuals from engaging in actions similar to self-harming methods.
  • This method of simulation provides an emotional blockage to prevent people from making fatal decisions that pose grave dangers to their lives.
  • The site’s goal is to stop self-harm, and to protect the body from self-inflicted injuries.
  • Instead of injuring your body’s tissues, this site lets you express your feelings on a white piece of paper that is akin to the human body.
  • The red marks on every cut are designed to make the cut appear more real and natural for the user of the website.

Other Website Info

  • A fatal link to The Flesh Website immediately leads users to a totally white website with no user guideline or description.
  • The image created on paper is based on the mouse’s speed at which the mouse moves.
  • The more quickly the mouse moves the more pronounced the cut is and the more red droplets are released from the cut.
  • The trust score of the website is 67%. its positive rating is due to the long-standing age of the site and the accessibility of the HTTPS protocol. The main issue cited by trust score providers is the lack of a country’s name in the technical data of the site. Read on to learn what you can about “Fatal To the Flesh” website.
  • The age of the domain has been set at 17 and 298 days The domain was registered on the 8th February 2004. The longer age of the domain is thought to be an important aspect in determining the authenticity of websites.
  • The information pertaining to the team or the website creators is not made available.
  • Other technical aspects of the website aren’t available.


Simulation-based games have been shown to be beneficial in relaxing and soothing the mind of humans. For more information on the subject mentioned above go to.

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