Didst Wordle (May 2022) Check The Informative Information!

This article is a comprehensive guide to finding the correct answers to five letter words in the final puzzle in Didst Wordle.

Have you heard of the Word which ends with DST? Are you aware of the solution to the puzzle using the most recent Version of DST final answer? If not, read below to find out the solution!

Australians from Australia have currently taking part in the new version of the words that end with DST. There are a few list of words that have been that have been updated on the official website to assist in identifying clues.

Learn what the solution is, as well as additional words that are related to Didst Wordle update.

Does Didst have a new version of Wordle or an answer to Wordle?

Didst Wordle doesn’t constitute a brand new category of update for The New York Times but is the solution to the puzzle on May 6th. The five-letter Word beginning with DST is added as a brand new feature in the latest update. Its Word hint was discovered in the clue to the puzzle that started at puzzle 322 in the sixth day of May.

Certain words are contained in this edition. But only by guessing the initial two letters will users quickly identify the correct answer. The correct answer to the problem is ‘MIDST not ‘DIDST..’

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Hint for the Didst Puzzle

Wordle is a popular online game site that is based on 24 hour challenge games and endless puzzles. For each challenge, there’s clues that are provided! The player must identify the clues and read the solutions within six attempts! The clue for puzzle 322 was:

  • The answer is the word “five-letters”( basing on the new version on New York time). New York time)
  • It is concluded with DST and uses only one vowel.
  • A repetition of any letter is noticed.
  • The beginning in the Word is as simple as the definitive ending.

Game Rules Didst Wordle game to be played

The update is helping to make them more popular, as games are trending, even while players must adhere to the rules and specific guidelines for maintaining the proper manner of play!

  • The player must find the problem within six minutes
  • The vowel use has to be followed when beginning letters.
  • It is important to remember that the most recent Word update was of DST

A list of words that are similar to those found in the update that is official

Official website that lists the end dates of DST. A few of them are:

  • Did you know?
  • Hadst
  • Kydst
  • Midst

Why Didst Wordle Popular?

Wordle is loved by teens and gamers from all over the globe. It is a brand new word to be used in the puzzle 322, Didst has become a well-known and trendy update. The brand new category has helped make this wordle a popular!


In conclusion, based on research conducted online We can say that Wordle following the latest update to The New York times, has begun to include five letter words with an end date of DST. The site is well-known and has inspired many players to discover the answer with a few clicks.

Write a comment below your answer to the previous DST final puzzle! Did you find Didst Wordle useful to you in identifying the right answer?

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