Content Tips For Motivation Essays On Different Fields

Writing a motivation essay is a very important part of applying to college. Such essays help the admissions committee to read your personality and also identify your engagement and excitement about the particular course. A well-written motivation letter will be your lucky ticket to the college of your dreams. So, some applicants prefer to edit their ​​educational paper writing by writingapaper, which means they get professional reviewing. However, when it comes to the content itself you better know what exactly might interest the committee.

That is why we have prepared for you tips on how to make your content outstanding and impress the admissions committee.

Exact Sciences

Physics. All you need to do is demonstrate a genuine interest in science and technology. Talk about how thoroughly you have studied a particular physics issue, and what literature you have selected for yourself. But do not just say that you have read a particular book. Better give your opinion on a topical issue, such as whether more nuclear power plants should be built. The most vivid part of the letter may be the part where you talk about your own discovery or even invention. Perhaps you built a rocket launcher out of a bottle of water and then realized that it was powered by Newton’s second and third laws. Stories like that are really remarkable.

Math. Reading non-curriculum books on mathematics, participating in math clubs, winning math competitions, solving non-standard math problems-remember the moments that brought you closer to choosing your future profession. You may have participated in and won math competitions. Which area of mathematical science is closer to you? Algebra, geometry, statistics, or something else?

Computer science. Judging by the statements of the admissions committee members, essays with a story about buying your first computer at the age of three have not been successful for a long time. Be unique. Express your point of view on a professional issue that you have long been concerned about, such as data privacy (consider the profile of your chosen course). Since computer science is closely related to mathematics, experience in both can make a difference. In addition to reading relevant literature, mention if you have done any programming projects. You may have developed one simple program, but even that may be enough to show your involvement in the subject. Avoid making general statements like “I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence” or “You can’t do without a computer in today’s world” unless you can explain why.

Engineering. Describe a work experience, project, or course of study related to your chosen major. What was interesting about it? What was challenging? If you have not had a chance to try your hand at your major, emphasize what developed your technical skills and social competencies (soft skills). But don’t get into stories about how you loved to play Lego as a child or that the first word you ever said was “hydraulics”. It is better to remember your recent experiences. Even if you just like taking things apart and fixing them, and looking at their inner workings, include that in your essay.

Business and Finance

Business and management. In this area, the admissions committee wants to see a future innovator, an entrepreneur who can communicate effectively. Perhaps the structure and organization of the motivation letter are especially important here (otherwise how can you get yourself organized). So, if you are not sure you can do it well yourself, then don’t hesitate to ask for help from the best essay writing service that will professionally edit your paper. Express your point of view on current business issues: for example, why a particular company went bankrupt, and what contributed to the revival of a particular brand. Show yourself as a proactive person who can identify and solve real business problems. Perhaps you have personal observations related to consumer behavior in the marketplace, management styles, or marketing campaigns.

Marketing. Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing industry, how it changes in response to the demands of society, and what role marketing plays in the functioning of business operations. Describe a situation where you have been directly involved in marketing processes. It is important to show not the extent of the impact, but how you could benefit, even if the overall project was unsuccessful. So school or college initiatives are also important if they are presented in the right way. You can mention statistics that you have read from reliable sources, or a meeting with a successful businessman (of course, with the conclusions you have drawn).

Finance, accounting. In addition to the general requirements, it is worth showing your interest and ability in quantitative analysis in the business field. It is worth giving specific examples of how you have applied mathematical skills to business case analysis. Similar to the previous areas, any experience counts: from an internship at a large financial company to a simple conversation with an accountant, from your own business to a student part-time job in a clothing retail store. What conclusions were you able to draw from one activity or another?


Law. Any experience with the law can be meaningful, whether it is working in a law office, a mini-internship, volunteering in a citizen’s counseling department, or simply attending a court hearing. At the high school or university level, you may have participated in debates or even been an organizer of your debate club. Show what you have or do best to develop skills important to a lawyer-public speaking, persuasion, attention to detail. When mentioning particular events, show your interest in analyzing their legal component.

As you might have noticed, writing a motivation essay takes a lot of time. You have to come up with the idea, do the writing, edit it, etc. That is why make sure to give yourself enough time, so your essay looks perfect and memorable. Don’t wait until the deadline.

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