4 Most Popular Rom-Com Novels Ever

While genre fiction is terrific, there’s nothing like giggling along with a romantic comedy.

Life in a fantastic rom-com novel is never as easy as unending flower deliveries and candy hearts. Still, the love troubles are frequently humorously twisted and accompanied by typically happy endings.

We think a hilarious romance novel is a great way to relax after reading anything heavier. We collected a list of the most popular 4 rom-com novels; these are the most popular romance novels over the past few years. We realise that novels that are a bit longer might be simpler to find without waiting in line at the librarian, so we like to include them in our lists.

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase       

The anointed king of Wessco is Nicholas Pembrook. Nicholas appears to have it all: he’s youthful, beautiful, and striking. Nicholas escapes to New York City after his grandma issues an injunction forcing him to find a marriage within 5 months.

Olivia Hammond is at the end of her rope attempting to save her family’s faltering coffee business and bakery. Olivia is shutting her shop one winter day when two males, one of whom is Nicholas, enter through the doorway. Nicholas attempts and fails to win Olivia’s “full blessing,” which she underscores by slapping him in the cheek with pies.

Nicholas finally drags Olivia into a whirlwind relationship that forever changes their lives, desperate to get to understand the lady who ventured to shatter apple pie in his face.

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Hate Notes by Vi Keeland 

Charlotte is a twenty-something jobless woman in New York with a crazy ex. She discovers a gorgeous garment with a letter sewed into the fluff written by Reed Eastwood when she passes off her bridal gown at a goodwill store. Charlotte gets high and drunk later that night and engages in some minor Facebook stalking of Reed. He comes out to be a scorching young boy with or without a fiancée.

Charlotte discovers he’s exhibiting a loft for approximately $6 million and puts in a request form in a sloppy moment of recklessness. It would be an exaggeration to say their first opinions were catastrophic. It would be an exaggeration to say their first opinions were disastrous. In an odd twist, Charlotte obtains a position as a receptionist assistant… for Reed.

A binge-worthy affair stars Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, in which a lousy liar and an insensitive jerk collide in an epic power struggle. The sizzling rivals to lover’s romantic Hate Notes will have you up till the early hours.

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata                                                

Jasmine Suko understands her prospects of earning the desired gold medal are dwindling with each passing year, and then when her dancing partner abandons her, she’s willing to hang up her blades. When Jasmine is granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in a forthcoming tournament alongside the a-hole golden boy she’s dreamt about throwing down a cliff for the previous decade, she jumps at the chance, ready to live out her fantasies. But it’s not that simple.

If they choose their relationship to work, they’ll have to keep the taunts to a minimum and avoid murdering one other well before the big day. However, the nemeses quickly realise that there is a delicate line between love and hatred, thanks to their challenging timetable and enforced trust exercises.

From Lukov with Love will appeal to fans of Kulti, The Barrier of Winnipeg, and Me, as well as slow-burning, adversaries romance. You’ll wind up swooning for Jasmine and Lukov and going down a YouTube figure-skated rabbit hole after finishing this hilarious horse racing romance.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

Olive Torres and Ethan Thomas invite you to join them for a relaxed holiday on their Hawaii honeymoon. Well, it’d be nice if Olive and Ethan weren’t constantly at odds with each other and if the vacation was explicitly designed for them.

After a poor first encounter, Olive, the unfortunate bride’s twin, finds an unusual opponent in her future brother-in-brother law’s Ethan. While all in the bridal party get food sickness except Olive and Ethan, the honeymooners demand that the two go on their non-honeymoon vacation. They approve, deciding that they can ignore each other throughout the holiday. However, their efforts are rapidly thwarted, forcing them to devise a complex charade culminating in a phoney marriage.

The Unhoneymooners is one of the greatest choppy romantic comedy novels for an intelligent and amusing fake romance, adversaries romance about two individuals who are compelled to be near one another since their brothers are tying the knot.


These above listed novels adopt an equally lighthearted style to telling a love tale. The authors loiter in the protagonists’ dialogue, developing warm memories in mutual attraction. They fundamentally assign equal weight to comedy and affection. We’ve compiled a list above of rom-com masterpieces as well as the greatest of the genre’s recent renaissance.

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