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Find out more about Zerogravity which is a site that promotes the installation of the ZeroGravity update, and also offering new stands.

PK XD Zero Gravity is an extremely popular role-playing game created through players from the PKXD team. There was recently an announcement in the PKXD website to announce the next version. Are you eager to learn what changes are coming to ZeroGravity?

Are you one of the millions gamers who hail from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and India who are eager to learn about the other options with the latest update? Learn the details about Zerogravity


This website is totally committed to playing the ZeroGravity game. The webpage was launched to include the countdown for the upcoming version of the ZeroGravity game. As the countdown has ended and the latest version is available for installation, does not have much to offer except three image links to the same Instagram page.

Legitimacy of is a legitimate website as it achieved an average 50% Trust Score, an excellent business ranking of 100%, and a good Alexa rank of 319,539. In addition, it scored low on the suspicion profile , with an average of 10 percent Zerogravity score, a one percent in the malware profile and 0 percent in the fake profile as well as a score of 3% score for profile of threat and phishing.

Latest ZeroGravity Updates:

  • A gossip lady is shown as a new NPC however she was standing on a cake stand, which included ap-kicks for the roller blades, saplings and more.,
  • The PKXD fountain was clued in to the “Zero Gravity” update in the form of an unidentified robot hanging in mid-air above the fountain.
  • The focused on two teams and hashtags #teamvault and #teamflames,
  • Both teams have logos printed on their t-shirts caps and backpacks. They also sport 3D logos as well as a flag that displays their logo, sticker etc.,
  • Zerogravity update includes updated racetracks, new codes for space armor, and a new subscription with plenty of coins, and more.
  • It’s a surprise that there’s no similar update available to Android. Android platform. PKXD Game was upgraded on the 1st of June 2022 in the Google Play Store.

Features of

Zerogravity pages are part of that was established with the USA on April 7, 2020. The website last updated on April 8th, 2022. It’s two years 2 months as well as four days older. It has a long time to live as it expires in nine months 26 days on the 4th of April in 2023.

Transmission and information via Zerogravity : uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 79 days. offers services through two servers on the USA. The owner’s name, address and phone number of the site and their contact information isn’t available however, it was discovered that PlayKid is a film company located in Brazil is the owner of Playpkxd.

Conclusion: page was initially used for promoting the Zero Gravity update of the PKXD game and included a countdown. has the most recent ZeroGravity update that is able to be downloaded. Zerogravity Playpkxd com reviews conclude that seems a legitimate website as it has an average Trust Score, excellent Business and Alexa Ranking, and scored low on suspicion profile.

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