Zambian Meat Website {April} Check The Legitimacy & Features Here!

We offer an exclusive review of Zambian Meat website that hosts various posts on recipes for meat and food. is not accessible through the internet. It was discovered that the site is accessible via the dark web which can be accessed using anonymous browsers that conceal your IP address and redirect website traffic to different servers. requires registration to use the site for South AfricaCanada and in Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. Let us examine all the information regarding, an Zambian Meat website to determine whether it’s legitimate.

Brief: describes itself as a website that gives numerous information regarding Zambian cuisine, Zambian Meat, and Zimbabwe itself. It was also found out that has a number of articles on Cannibalism.


  • Information about various Zambian food is available at:
  • Social Media Link: We have not found any of these on
  • Price Physical address Terms and Conditions phone (or) WhatsApp number, Store locator Shipping Policy, Delivery, Return Policy, Tracking policy, refund policies Newsletter address, Email address: Currently, is not accessible. Therefore, the information about these features cannot be identified.
  • Privacy Policy of the Zambian Meat Web Site: Mentioned clearly and there was no plagiarism discovered.
  • Customer Reviews, private messages Blogs, FAQs:Supported on
  • Mode of Payment The method of making the payment isn’t clear. It was however discovered that accepts donations through PayPal.
  • Owner’s information: The information of the owner is hidden by the censorship services of Domains By Proxy LLC.


  • There aren’t any benefits to be discovered regarding aside from the fact that it features numerous posts on mead recipes.


  • The most dreadful disadvantage for is that it is a home for mature violent and disturbing content that is related to Cannibalism.

Is Zambian Meat Website Legit?

  • The site was created on November 28, 2005 at 04:49.57 PM.
  • The last update was on 22nd December 2021 09:59:19:19 AM.
  • Expiry date: after 9 months 17 days on November 28, 2005 at 04:49.57 PM.
  • Age: 11 months and 26 days old.
  • Trust Index: ZambianMeat has received an average trust rating of 68%.
  • Where it came from: originated in the United States.
  • The status of blacklisting is not blacklisted.
  • Websites with suspicious proximity: found a negative highlight due to a 19/100 rating.
  • Connection Security utilizes the HTTPS protocol that is secured.
  • Any contact person: A virtual name Real Man Chef is featured on the site.
  • Social Relations: Zambian Meat Website isn’t found through social networks.
  • Contact information of the owner: The contact details that belongs to owner is concealed using an censorship program from Domains By Proxy LLC.

Customer Reviews:

There are no reviews from customers regarding the products and services provided by There are however, neutral reviews on the technical information of websites online. has a zero rank on Alexa.


Because there are no reviews, we can’t claim the fact that is a completely legitimate site, however it has an the average trust score. It’s not visited by the majority of internet users, as shown through the website’s Alexa Ranking. We don’t recommend using the Zambian Meat website since it is only able to be accessed through an unsecure black web. Furthermore, it includes disturbing posts about Cannibalism.

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