Xikixi Reviews {Dec} Read Is It The Legit Or Scam Business?

This Xikixi Review site gives customers a view to help make online shopping easy and enjoyable.

Are you unhappy with Amazon-like supermarkets and their service? Are you tired of shopping at Amazon-like supermarkets? This Xikixi Reviews article will provide all the information you need about a digital grocery store that is primarily focused on countries such as India, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

You should feel relieved by the above-mentioned intro and ready to learn more about Xikixi.

What’s Xikixi?

It’s an online selling and buying platform that focuses on the UK. It is important to mention that this website can be customized for customers from multiple countries.

The customer in India will call it Xikixi India. Now, Is Xikixi Legit? This question can be answered by the country-wise auto-customization. However, the availability and variety of products may be of some value. The product catalogues on the site include:

  • Market (Slim and Weight Loss Tea, Stress Relief Tea, American Crew Lather Shave cream, etc. ).
  • Beauty (Lotus Lady Steel Bracelet and Game 4 Covered Bino), Alphanova Sun Face cream, etc. ).
  • Children (Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quad for Air Hogs, American Tourister Disney Suitcase for Kids, etc.

Other catalogs include: Home, DIY, Pets and Drinks; Sports; Motor; Books.

Specifications and the store for. Xikixi Reviews

  • Domain age The domain was created on 9th November 2013 and is approximately eight years old.
  • URL: https://xikixi.co.uk/
  • Category – Online Selling-Buying Platform
  • Email: hello@xikixi.com.
  • Address: Francos Rodriguez 69, Madrid, Spain (28039).
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover.
  • Return Policy – If the product is not received or damaged, the customer may return it within 60 days. Otherwise, the customer has seven days to return the product.
  • Refund Policy – After checking the product, the total amount of the refund will be credited to your account.
  • Total Delivery Time: Standard delivery takes 2-3 business days for domestic shipments and 5-14 days for international shipments.
  • Shipping policy Xikixi: No explicit shipping charges are listed.

Pros and Cons of Xikixi :

  • The website interface is similar to a professional supermarket’s platform.
  • We are committed to addressing country-specific variations.
  • R3 certified protection keys support essential customer data protection.
  • The domain name of this site is quite old.

Cons for Xikixi –

  • Alexa’s global traffic ranking for this site is not available.
  • The site’s SSL certificates are not fully qualified to be published in the public domain.
  • The domain rating is 29/100. This is below the average.
  • The site does not have any social media links. Xikixi also has no professional social media handles.
  • No Contact number for customer grievance redressal.

Is Xikixi legitimate?

Since the advancement of technology and the interconnectedness of the globe, the positive points the site has can’t be a guarantee of legitimacy for a payment-seeking website. The following checkpoints will help you make an objective assessment.

  • Alexa Ranking This site has no Alexa ranking.
  • Customer Reviews: According to our research, there are less negative reviews about the site than those who use it. However, the majority of customers love the site.
  • Website Trust Score The site has a trust score of 20/100, which is still low.
  • Social Media Links Xikixi: We haven’t found any social media links, and very rarely someone outside of the site.
  • Website Age The site is approximately eight years old and was founded on 9 November 2013.
  • Contact Address: The Google Map shows the contact address.
  • Missing Policies Shipping charges are not clearly stated. They should be different for international shipping.

Xikixi Customer Reviews Summary:

We did extensive research on the reviews of Xikixi customers and found that they were not satisfied with the company. Some even said it was a scam.


Xikixi Review is not favorable to the site and should be a warning sign to customers about buying. This is because the site does not exist. Be cautious when shopping.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this website review.

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