Wyze Air Purifier Reviews {April 2022} Buy After Reading It!

Learn more the Wyze Air Purifier Review to review its features as well as its benefits and reviews before you purchase the Wyze purifier.

Did you be aware that indoor air pollutants create allergies and infections? Are you aware that indoor air pollutants can cause illness and cause asthma sufferers to suffer? Do you want to purchase an air purifier that can purify the entire room and remove the smells?

Wyze Air Purifier was recently introduced within the United States that effectively eliminates airborne pollutants. Check its effectiveness below in a write-up on Wyze’s Air Purifier review.

About Wyze’s Air Purifier

Wyze Air Purifier has been created to be a luxurious air purifier with a an affordable cost. Wyze Air Purifier is a great value. Wyze Air Purifier is equipped with three types of filters that you can choose from. Wyze.com provides air purifiers in 10 days, and offers a 30-day return.

The standard filter protects you from bacteria, viruses as well as odors and allergens. It is a basic and general-purpose filter.The top-quality filter is as efficient as it removes formaldehyde, which is one of the typical contaminants. The final, special-use filter is the one for wildfires that shields against gases as well as odors and debris generated by fire.

Wyze’s Air Purifier Reviews How do you decide to utilize it?

  1. Install the Wyze Air Purifier one foot away from the wall
  2. Make use of it in the area in which you spend the majority of your time.
  3. Change the CADR using the remote (or) it is possible to set it in auto-pilot mode.
  4. Wyze Air Purifier Wyze Air Purifier automatically checks the quality of air using leaser censors, and adjusts to provide purified air


  • The product’s name isWyze Air Purifier
  • Brand: Wyze
  • Model Number: WSAPUR
  • Buy at: https://www.wyze.com/products/wyze-air-purifier
  • MRP: $169.99
  • Special Price $129.99+shipment fee
  • Dimensions9.5″x9.4″x18.5″or 243mm by 240mm by 472mm


  • with Wildfire Filter9.32lb/4.23kg
  • with Allergen Filter8.75lb/3.97kg
  • with Formaldehyde Filter 9lb/4.08kg

Wyze Air Purifier Review on Particulate Matter CADR:

  • Wildfire Filter: 342m3/h /201CFM
  • Allergen Filter: 350m3/h /206CFM
  • Formaldehyde: 317m3/h /186CFM
  • Formaldehyde TVOC Removal: 97.3% effective
  • Wildfire Filter H2S Removal: 98.9% effective
  • Effective Area:450-550 square ft

The Noise Level/Flow Rate

  • 1. Level: <20.8dBA
  • 2.<24.6dBA
  • 3.<44.5dBA
  • level 4<52.1dBA
  • Rated Power120V/60 Hz
  • Operating Humidity<85%
  • Operating Temperature14degF to 104degF
  • Filters3 filter options
  • Environment: Indoor only


  • Wyze Air Purifier uses granulated carbon and HEPA to provide 99.97 percent efficient filtering
  • Laser particle detection measures the air quality up to 0.3 microns, a hundred times per second
  • Wyze Air Purifier also purifies pollen, dander, as well as a range of contaminants
  • Wyze air Purifier Review verified clean coverage of 500 square. feet. room three times an hour
  • The Wyze’s air purifier with the help of a clever application, Alexa and Hey Google
  • It is under 21 decibels to make noise


  • There aren’t any disadvantages of the Wyze Air Purifier, besides that it’s filters need regular cleaning.

Does it work and is it appreciated?

Let’s look at Wyze Air Purifier and its brand to see whether it’s worth the money.


  • Wyze Labs Inc was started on the 9th of July, 2017. located within Seattle, Washington.
  • Wyze Labs Inc specializes in smart home solutions, with seventeen products reviewed to be included in Wyze’s Air Purifier Test.
  • The officially-owned website wyze.com has been launched the 27th January 1998. It expires the 26th of January in 2024.
  • wyze.com is a reputable 86% trust score.
  • wyze.com has an impressive Alexa rank of 1705.
  • wyze.com is averaging ranking for businesses of 63.4 percent.
  • Wyze Labs Inc has a prominent profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok with over 2,75,610 followers.

Information about the item:

  • Wyze Air Purifier was launched just in April 2022.
  • Wyze Air Purifier is sold via Wyze.com only.
  • Due to the launch of the product, feedback from customers is not available on the Wyze Air Purifier
  • Wyze Air Purifier is highly efficient because the laser sensor can detect the quality of air with 5 meters of increments
  • Yet, Wyze Air Purifier Review is available on more than 30 websites.

Wyze Air Purifier is a possibly authentic product. Wyze brand and Wyze.com are authentic.

Review by Customers:

Reviews of products and customer feedback is not available on wyze.com as well as on the internet as well as on social media, due to the announcement of Wyze’s Air Purifier. However, over thirty online sites as well as five YouTube reviews have rated the Wyze Air Purifier highly.


Wyze brand is legit because of its long-standing existence. Wyze.com has also been proven to be legitimate since it is a top credibility and trust. as well as Alexa and a business rank. Wyze Air Purifier Review concludes that it’s possibly a legitimate product. The legitimacy of the product will become evident once the customers have received their product and begin to post reviews. Therefore, we suggest to be patient until Wyze Air purifier reviews from customers are published.

Are reviews of Wyze Air Purifier informative? Let us know in the comments below what you think of reviews about Wyze Air Purifier.

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