Woodlands 9 Ave What Caused the Accident to Happen?

A collision involving a vehicle and a bus at Woodlands 9 Avenue results in the deaths of two people and 8 injured. A blue and a blue-colored tent was seen close to the crossroads.

Do you realize that in the past year, the number of fatalities within Singapore increased to 25 percent? Because more vehicles are driving around there are more people injured in accidents. The number of seniors injured in road accidents has decreased in the last the year. That’s a good news.

The morning of Thursday (September 1) the vehicle that was involved in the collision with the bus in Woodlands which killed one person and injured nine others. The fatal collision happened at 6.10 a.m. at the point of intersection between Woodlands 9 Avenue along with Woodlands 4 Ave.

What caused the accident to occur?

A car is believed to have hit a bus when the driver was caught running through a red light. It was reported that the Tower Transit bus was turning in a right-hand turn when it was hit by a Yellow Honda car. Before the collision, the driver of the car had an red light.

The SCDF has confirmed that they were informed of the incident that occurred at an intersection between Woodlands Ave. 9 and Woodlands Ave. 4. A person was declared dead on the site by emergency medical personnel. they believe it was the Honda driver.

Woodlands Accident at 9th Avenue also took nine more people into the local Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to seek medical attention. According to the reports, two individuals were severely injured.

The driver as well as the passengers of the bus were taken to an emergency room.

The captain of the bus and the eight passengers were taken to a hospital following the accident. It is reported that the Tower Transit office has said they will be reaching out to the passengers affected to ask about their health and to assist with medical issues. The driver of the bus is well and will be placed in administrative leave while police conduct an investigation.

The aftermath of the incident at Woodlands 9 Ave

The entire front of the car appears to have fallen apart, leaving pieces of metal that have been smashed to pieces. The crash caused massive delays and motorists were advised to stay away from the zone.

Tiong Bahru bus accident takes the life of a 92-year-old woman.

A woman who was 80 years old died tragically after being transported to a hospital following the crash with a charter vehicle about 10.30 a.m. the morning of the morning of Monday (August 29).

SCDF paramedics arrived and were seen performing CPR on the lady while she lay near the bus stop located on Tiong Bahru Road, not far from the Redhill MRT Station. Poorly-trained drivers and an extreme traffic congestion are the reason for many fatal accident woodlands.

The entire Tower Transit staff mourns the loss of their beloved one and sends their deepest condolences to the family members. We also wish to express our gratitude to those who rushed to help passengers of the bus and also the captain. You can learn the details of the incident by clicking here.


In the early hours of Thursday morning, between Woodlands Ave 4 & 9 the car struck an transit bus. The collision killed both the driver of the car and an individual in the transit bus. The bus driver as well as 7 other people were taken for treatment at a hospital. The driver of the bus is stable and is expected to be removed from tasks related to driving.

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