Woman Trampled By Horse In Ottawa {February} Check About Incident

Woman Trampled By Horse In Ottawa
Woman Trampled By Horse In Ottawa

Find out more about the details of an officer from the army unit who trampled an elderly lady with his horse. Find out about woman who was trampled by a horse at Ottawa.

Freedom Convoy is calling for the repeal of COVID-19’s vaccine mandates which require everyone in the country particularly truck drivers that travel across Canada and across the United States and Canada to receive the vaccine. It is believed that the Freedom Convoy protest started in the beginning of January 2022. Did you realize that Freedom Convoy also included truckers who were not willing to undergo the vaccination?

Find out the details of the massive critique of the extreme actions that army soldiers took in the Freedom Convoy protesting on Parliament Hill and Woman who were trampled by horses at Ottawa.

Comments during the protest:

Freedom Convoy protested and held an event on the 29th of January 2022, at Parliament Hill. In the days following the Freedom Convoy began the protest truckers ate pancake breakfasts, games of road hockey and fireworks shows as well as Bouncy castles, pig-roasts hot tubs and dances in the roadways.

However, Justin Trudeau took the protest seriously, when several weapons were found in Alberta and four people were arrested for murder conspiracy with RCMP officers.

The protesters posted pictures of Confederate flags flying on vehicles as well as Swastika flags in trucks. We will go over Woman who was crushed by Horse at Ottawa in Ottawa further down.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, labour group, and trucking companies denounced the protest , and claimed that the protest had nothing to do with trucking.

Invoking Emergency

Justin Trudeau pointed out the remarks made during the protest. He said at the House of Commons that the protesters had impeded democratic processes, the economy, and citizens.

These incidents led to Justin Trudeau invoke the Emergencies Act on the 14th of February, 2022. It was the first time that the Emergencies Act was implemented for the first time in Ottawa and Ontario.

So as a result, on February 18th, 2022, the troops were deployed for Parliament Hill to disperse the protesters.

Woman is trampled by a horse at Ottawa:

One of the protesters was an elderly woman was walking with a walker to travel. An officer from an army unit was able to charge into the crowd on his horse and trampled several protesters. There was also an elderly lady who was crushed.

The footage of an officer from the army unit walking through the crowd was shared on Twitter and social media. The photos of an elderly woman getting trampled also went popular on the internet and became the news in the top 10 of the internet.

The media published in the media that several individuals were injured, and two were trampled. One of them was the infamous woman who was trampled and killed by a horse on the streets of Ottawa.

Parliament Hill incident on social media:

Many users on Twitter expressed their support for the elderly lady. They also tweeted @JustinTrudeau in case there were any questions? What if the elderly woman was having any kind of surgery? What was the reason to take such a drastic step?


Justin Trudeau inquired about the elderly lady Justin Trudeau inquired about the old lady but Justin Trudeau contacted the woman, but did not respond to tweets. He inquired about the health of the person struck by the gun and also about the person arrested at gunpoint. Watch the video footage of a woman being trampled by horses.

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