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The article describes the child’s death, the circumstances that led to it and the mother’s situation . You you need to know is Woman Drowns Children.

Did you see the stories about the children who drowned? What did the mother of the child’s drowned child go through? What was the location where the incident occurred? What happened to the children? Did the mother have depression? Did you attempt to find out the specifics via the internet? If not, then read the following article to find out the exact details. The people who are from United States and Canada were stunned when they heard the news. Police are trying to collect information to determine the cause and you can look up an article on Woman Drowns Kids.

What are these children and what has happened?

One mother drowned children in the Coney Island’s famed boardwalk on Monday According the Brooklyn police. The bodies were identified by police as the bodies that of Zachary Merdy, 7, 3 months old Oliver Bondarev, and Lilana Merdy, who is 4. The search began in early morning hours, after the police got a call from a family member worried about the motives of the woman. Between the disappearance of her mother and her return in the water, she was unshod and soaked, nearly two miles (3 kilometers) down the boardwalk . she was living in Coney Island. A few more details on Mother Drowns Kids are discussed.

When the police found that the kids were missing?

Detectives were interrogating Merdy at the local police station. According to the Chief of the Department Kenneth Corey of the New York Police Department that she hasn’t spoken to anyone. In the wake of the discovery of the mother’s absence searching for her children increased. Helicopters and marine units were sent. Just after the time of 4:30 a.m. the children were discovered by the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team, playing in a stadium just thirteen blocks from. According to Corey nearby hospitals, they failed to bring the children back to life. When she heard the news Mother drowns 3 children the mother of the children said that in an interview for Daily News, Merdy’s mother, Jacqueline Scott, 56 stated that her daughter was experiencing a lot of difficulties recently, but she was a wonderful mother.

Why is this? What’s the cause for this incident?

Scott informed the paper that she might be suffering postpartum depression. Family and police sources told the newspaper that an Brooklyn mother who has health issues was believed to have drowned her three children on Coney Island beach on Monday morning after she admitted to the children. However, the investigation into the mother of the children’s is still ongoing and police are set to make public the story of mom who drowns three kids..

The police recovered one shoe from the water as evidence while they searched. The security officer families moved into the Merdy’s home just a few months ago. Authorities did not reveal that the mother had in the past mistreated or neglected her children. What criminal allegations Merdy could be facing was not yet decided.


When searching the web it was found out that the mother committed the act due to pressure. The investigation is ongoing to find out the specific details. It seems that child’s mother was at fault because of pressure issues. Get more details on the internet.

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