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The latest news on Winnipeg Fringe’s return awaits you on the first day of the week. Many are eager to hear about the pandemic’s first appearance in public in the year 2019. Canada can be the location where the festival takes place.

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About Winnipeg Fringe

Manitoba is one of the states in which the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Celebration is happy to be able to. Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Celebration is proud to call it home. Winnipeg Fringe takes great pride in its association to the Canadian Organization of Fringe Festivals. The Winnipeg Fringe has been designated as part of the Nation Homeland of the Red River Metis as well as the territory belonging to the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples. We recognize the benefits of living on this land we acknowledge the obligations of the Treaties and appreciate the chance to join forces with Indigenous communities in an environment of forgiveness and respect.

Winnipeg Free Press Fringe Reviews

The festival is covered by a variety of media outlets, including highlights, news articles and review of the show. Media organizations are analyzing what they can learn from the Fringe. Each Fringe review on the web is completely free because of a partnership with the Fringe as well as The Winnipeg Free Press.

What does each star represent:

  • 5 stars without hesitation, I would recommend. Worth seeing!
  • 4 Stars: An excellent programme. Many viewers will enjoy it.
  • 3 stars: A decent to exceptional fringe performance. If you’re interested by the subject, you’ll likely enjoy it.
  • 2 stars: Not recommended. Only go if you’re feeling daring.

Winnipeg Free Press Fringe Reviews star ratings.

  • 5 stars

Chase Padgett: Heart Strikes and Other Blessings 2 for Tea and An After After Party, Bursting Into Flames, etc.

  • 4 Stars:

Aaron Malkin’s “Dandelion,” “Alabama Monster,” “Bad Baby Reveals: Rules Control the Fun,” and “13 Dead Visions of “Eugene”

  • 3 Stars:

The ADHD Project, A Musical Exhibition, I Blue, The Big Problems, and Carey-OK! : Timeless Temporary Music.

  • 2 Star:

An alternative teacher as well as AnnaCob Bob, Farrago, Idiot of the Global VillageMagnificence My Freezing Heart: A Comedy Tragedy, Magic the Musical.

  • 1 star:

Together We’re Cursed Here, Mercury Thirteen.

Philosophy and History

Since its inception at the end of 1988 as a part within the Royal Manitoba Opera Centre, the Winnipeg Fringe Reviews has seen an enormous increase in its audience. It is now the second-largest event of its kind within North America. Over 170 performers from all over the world have been invited to participate in this festival Winnipeg Festival each year to create thrilling and unique theatre for interested audiences.

Winnipeg Fringe Winnipeg Fringe is built on three principal principles:

  • The festival doesn’t have judges.
  • Participant-performing organisations have full artistic freedom over their productions because we only admit performing companies via lottery.
  • The performers receive the entire box office revenue in the full amount.


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