Wildwood h2oi Crash What Happened Exactly?

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Did you hear about the car crash that occurred recently? Are you aware of the consequences of this accident? If you haven’t heard about the story we would like that you read the complete story about Wildwood H2OI Crash. The fatal car crash occurred within the United States.

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What happened exactly?

In the region between Burk along with Atlantic avenue approximately 9.36 p.m. at the time of Saturday night, Wildwood Car Crash took place. The crash took place during an unconfirmed car show known as H20i. The report from the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, a 27-year-old person identified as Gerald J. White was driving in a 2003 Infinity. Then he ran into the 2013 Honda Civic. The car was not the only one to crash however, Gerald J. White was also involved in a crash with two pedestrians. Are you interested in knowing what else happened within the Wildwood Car Accident? Keep going through.

The results of this car crash that killed a person:

Two of the passengers in this year’s Honda Civic, one passenger who was 34 years old Timothy Ogden from Clayton, New Jersey, passed away within minutes of being admitted into the Atlantic Medical Center. The other two pedestrians in the vehicle, one who was 18 an year older Lindsay Weakland from Carlise, Pennsylvania was killed as a result of the fatal collision.

Wildwood h2oi Death:

Due to White’s reckless driving Gerald J. White Two victims lost their lives. According to relatives of Timothy Ogden, he and his girlfriend had left for at the Irish Fall Festival when the incident occurred. There is no information concerning Timothy’s fiancée. We aren’t sure what she’s doing or where she’s currently. We also don’t have more information regarding another pedestrian.

Wildwood Golf Cart Accident:

You’ll be shocked to find out that this wasn’t the only car accident that took place in Wildwood. The following Sunday afternoon another accident occurred on the golf cart and caused injuries. However, according to the office of the prosecutor, there’s no information available.


Gerald J. White’s father informed police that this was not the first time that his Son was in trouble in a crash. Police detained Gerald after learning what happened in Wildwood. Click here to read about accidents on the roads that have occurred across the US and Canada..

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