Wianni Reviews What is Wianni.com?

This article gives details on this website’s Wianni Reviews in addition to provides some insight into the site to let users determine whether they are able to be confident in the site or not.

Do you wish to buy certain accessories to your gadgets such as smartphones and laptops? Are you searching for an online store that offers these items at an affordable cost? The greatest thing about internet is that it allows you to find everything from the comfort of your residence within the United States or other countries.

However, shopping sites online could cause issues if shoppers don’t do their homework. In this article, we’ll provide details about Wianni reviews and inform the customers about the site.

What is Wianni.com?

If you visit the official Wianni.com’s official website Wianni.com You will see images and catalogues which show that the site does not offer much information in relation to its business. Wianni.com offers accessories for various needs, such as accessories for laptops, mobiles and automobiles.

In every category, you can discover products that are discounted price , but don’t set your hopes too high since the selection is limited. We’ve analyzed the site and discovered that the site was made just in the last few days and hasn’t received any activity to date.

So, in order to determine whether Wianni Legal and not, you need to study the site for more details and to learn about any new information. Some users are doubting the legitimacy of the site by studying the design of the website and the limitations of products.

The website’s structure and content are suspect The users do not want to leave any mark unturned. So, we gathered some facts to let the users understand the website in greater detail.

Definition of Wianni.com

  • The registered URL is https://www.wianni.com/
  • The customer service address is dmdheeraj786@gmail.com.
  • The address of the company is Lettymar Limited, 1st Floor, 80-83 Grivas Digenis Avenue, Nicosia 1090 Cyprus.
  • Wianni Review We don’t see any testimonials available on the official website which provide any details about the experience of the customers as well as other aspects about the product.
  • Phone Number- The telephone number is not listed. However, you can locate the company’s number, i.e., HE 421854
  • Shipping Policy: The website offers free shipping on orders more than $39.99 in the world.
  • Refund and return policy Within 30 days, you are able to return the item and the purchase can be transferred into the original payment method via the website when they receive the item.
  • Payment methods: The site accepts payment options such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and others.

The pros in favor of Wianni Legitimate? Wianni Legal?

  • All products are offered at 50% or more discount.
  • Different categories are described to make searching easy for users.


  • There aren’t any reviews There is also no area provided to customers’ opinions or product reviews.
  • It is unclear what the spelling for Privacy Policy is wrong at the end of this page.

Do I need to be able to trust Wianni.com?

We have already mentioned earlier that the website was created just recently, which means that for customers, it’s difficult to trust the site unless they have access to every bit of information. Therefore, let’s determine if the site is appropriate for shopping or not taking into consideration our Wianni Review in your mind.

  • The domain’s has been in existence for 11 days.
  • The date for the creation of the domain age is 26/08/2022. The domain age expires on the 26th of August 2023.
  • The Alexa ranking globally and in the United States is not mentioned anywhere.
  • The content is 100% original This is a great indicator.
  • Wianni.com’s Trust rating on Wianni.com is 2 percent, which is suspicious.
  • The website’s homepage contains only a few details. the homepage of the site.
  • Wianni.com does not have any connection to all of the platforms on social media and the links below are not authentic and don’t direct you to their websites.

Which is your user’s perception of Wianni reviews ?

In the moment, it’s difficult to determine what users think of the site since the site was developed recently, however, there’s not any user reviews. Also, on the internet you will not find any details about Wianni.com which puts the site in the”suspicious” column.

But, customers are able to read reviews and then make a decision to purchase from the site to eliminate their doubts.


In analyzing everything that is that is related to the site along with Wianni Review We can conclude that the site isn’t legitimate and shouldn’t be believed at this time.

The site doesn’t meet the test of legitimacy, and we aren’t able to say Wianni.com could be a legitimate website..

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