Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends {July} Check Here!

A man recently discovered that he does not have friends to be the perfect man for his wedding. Please read the Why Men Do Not Have Real Friends post to find out more.

Do you have a group of friends you can count on during hard situations? If yes, then please add them in the comments section. But, this isn’t the case for all of us. There are people who are social and outgoing, but they may not have any friends.

A lot of people in both the United States and Canada have declared that they have no or fewer friends they can rely on after reading about a study. Do you want to know more about the research? If yes, please go on to our Why Men Don’t Have Friends article.

What’s the meaning?

Why do men seem to have such a small social circle? While MAX DICKINS was planning his wedding, he was nervous because he couldn’t find a man suitable to be his perfect man. The realization set off the beginning of a journey that was funny and heartfelt in its attempt to solve the age-old question.

More Details

Max Dickins is a very excellent person to spend time with. He’s a chatty and welcoming and also is a good person to be around. He does not have on What is the reason that so many Men Do Not Have Real Friends or at the very least, what he didn’t have prior to recently is any real friendships.

The story behind

Dickins aged 34 Adds “I didn’t realize I was lonely.” “But then in 2019, I proposed marriage to my fiancee and realized out that I had none I could invite to be my best person.” As he went through his contact list , he realized that he never have a close friend with whom could hang out with. But, he was able to include his colleagues from work on his list. He sifted through his contacts and came across an awful feeling on Why Men Do Not Have Real FriendsWhile he did have many work colleagues as well as acquaintances had not had any close male acquaintances.

He stated, “Like so many other guys, I no longer has some close male friends.” And I began to wonder, “How did this come to pass?”

The Study

An alarming 61 percent of youngsters and 36 percent of Americans generally report feeling “severe loneliness,” according to a study by Harvard University. According to an Cigna healthcare survey, more than 54 percent of American adults say they feel “nobody knows me well.” It’s a scenario of Why Do Men Have None of Real Friends which is only getting worse when we are in solitude and become addicted to our gadgets.


A study conducted in May 2021 revealed that, since 1990, the percentage of men who reported having “no close friends” and was five times higher and affected nearly one-in-six American men. Most of the possible reasons behind our culture’s isolation predate the pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Which do you believe? Does the study show the real reality of men or is it not? The comment section is below to help you decide. Why So Many Men Have No Real FriendsClick here for more information

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