Why Jidion Did Get Banned Check Answer Here

What’s the reason Jidion was banned from Twitch? An examination of the problematic streaming career. Please read the article thoroughly.

Are you aware of who Jidion is , and the reason he’s famous? If so, then you need to be aware that he was barred from using the social media platform called Twitch. He is a well-known prankster but there have been reports of him being on the news due to some controversy over his comments. The world people is angry about certain of his comments that suggest racism, which is not true.

This is one of the main reasons that Jidion was banned. If you’re interested in the reason and how the ban was put in place you can read our article!

The Reports

A day after the program’s launch it was announced that the YouTuber “JiDion” Adams, famous for his humorous posts on the channel was removed from Twitch. The streaming service, which is owned by Amazon initially removed the user’s account for two weeks, but then put the suspension on hold because of “Extreme Harassment.”

As he was the source of an attack on the Twitch streamer Pokimane and was then exiled- the answer to why Jidion was exiled from Twitch? In the course of his raid thousands of his fans rushed her channel. The stream was filled with insults and snarky remarks intended to discredit the Moroccan-Canadian star and the content she was creating. Adams apology was issued for his conduct and then agreed to the suspension of 14 days imposed to Adams.

The Events

Jidion’s videos reveal that he’s resentful of Pokimane and he’s made it clear. A post from January 13 shows the dislike he has for Pokimane “as a person,” which is a reason to launch an investigation into her. He advised his followers to enter “L + ratio” in Poki’s chat when watching her live Valorant.

Why Jidion Did Get Banned?

Jidion encouraged his viewers to follow her as she switched to follower-only mode in order to keep bombarding viewers. She ended her show in the middle, saying the audience “can handle this” but she didn’t want her audience to be hounded by her.

The Wimbledon Ban

Jidion went to watch Novak Djokovic’s game with Jannik Sinner during the semifinals in Wimbledon 2022 just a few months in the past. Jidion was cheering to see Jannik Sinner to prevail in the match. But, Djokovic managed to pull off an amazing comeback to come out victorious.

After Sinner’s victory in defending an argument, the crowd cheered and cameras turned towards the YouTuber. What caused Jidion be banned from WimbledonThe court noted that Jidion was in a rage just before an officer arrived in the room to discuss with Jidion about the incident.

Jidion later informed his fans that he was barred from playing Wimbledon on the day he was banned.


Jidion continues to enjoy an impressive following and has enjoyed impressive growth on YouTube. Over 1.6 million people subscribe to his other channels, and his primary channel just passed the five-million-subscriber threshold. The fans can watch his work on the red platform , hopeful that he’ll come back on Twitch in the near future.

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