Why Did Speed Get Banned {Aug} Check the All Details Here!

If you’re a streamer or a person who is addicted to watching online game streams probably been a part of the reason why Speed was banned by YouTube?

Are you familiar with the infamous Video Game streamer, IShowSpeed? This isn’t the first time that YouTuber IShowSpeed was the center of attention. This 17 year old YouTube user has been involved in several trouble, involving numerous serious issues and he has been banned for life from a variety of platforms over the last year.

In the wake of this recent scandal, Speed was barred in YouTube for Canada and in the United States, the United KingdomAustralia and other countries. Then What caused Speed to be banned?

Did Speed get banned from YouTube?

Yes, the story is accurate according to our information. The renowned YouTuber IShowSpeed has been recently barred on the platform red. But, according to assertions, he was barred forever, but it’s been made clear to everyone that he was given an entire week of community strikes.

A YouTuber made a joke at his subscribers by telling them goodbye via the Instagram account. The story of Speed being banned went viral on the 22nd of July, 2022 after he broadcasted illegal content that was not in line with the guidelines of the community.

Speed Banned by YOUTUBE has been the most viral news that has followed since. People believed that the YouTuber was permanently banned however, on July 30, 2022, he made an online video on YouTube with the title “Speed is back.”

About IShowSpeed:

Darren Watkins Jr, born on January 21, 2003 or the year 2005. He’s a well-known YouTuber as well as a Twitch streamer, who goes under the moniker IShowSpeed. The man lives within Ohio along with his entire family. He has an older brother and sister.

Darren joined the video streaming site YouTube in March of this year. He was a player on the football and basketball team at Purcell Marian High School.

speed ban on YOUTUBE along with other platforms.

When Speed quickly gained popularity through YouTube and Twitch He is also well-known for his wild and exaggerated persona while streaming live video games. This behavior has led to him getting into many problems.

Speed was removed by Twitch at the end of December in 2021 for his controversial remarks made during a live-streamed dating show. In April 2022, he was barred from Valorant as well as various other Riot Games when a game designer at Riot Games saw a viral video of Speed sexually assaulting a female player. His live stream on YouTube when he was being a player in Minecraft NSFW is the answer to the question: Why did Speed get banned?

People’s reactions:

In the wake of the announcement of Speed’s removal from YouTube his fans posted on social media to express their thoughts. Many users complained that other videos are uploaded to YouTube in violation of community guidelines however, no action has been being taken against these videos.

Others said that YouTube was a smart move and they believe that Speed should take his time learning from his mistakes because he’s just a 17 or 19-year-old child.

He’s been involved in numerous controversy before and the most recent is one in which he assaults the 6-year-old player in an online game called Fortnite on July 2022.

Last Words

What caused Speed to be banned? We hope that you’ve discovered answers to this query. Please note that he wasn’t exiled permanently, but was put on a strike for a period of a week. It is possible to visit his YouTube channel by clicking this hyperlink

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