Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak {January 2022} Eternals Marvel: Movie

What was the reason Ikaris kill Ajak is a frequently asked question on Eternals Learn the reason and the events that transpired in the film.

Do you enjoy watching films that focus on the evolution of the earth or any other topic that is relevant to earth? Have you heard of the tale of the Marvel film Eternal? You’ve probably watched it with doubts in your head.

Evidently, after watching this movie, people all over the world are unsure of the reason why Ikaris murdered their chief Ajak.

So, don’t be worried we’re here to help you answer your questions on the reason why Ikaris kill Ajak.

Is Marvel’s Eternal?

The Eternals are the creature created to look like humanoids, and have superpowers that they can use on earth. Celestial created them with a specific purpose. Their primary goal is to shield humanity from the evil forces.

They came to earth in the year 5000 BC with their spaceships referred to by the name of DOMO. They demonstrate their strength by fighting against their adversaries or enemies on Earth who seek to harm or destroy the earth.

But, in the future, it is believed that the Eternals primary goal will be to prepare globe in preparation for “Emergence.”

As we learned about the Eternals We will also have to answer the question ” Why Did Ikaris kill Ajak?” All over the world frequently asked question. First, let’s learn the members of the group.

Who was in Eternals?

  • Sersi: It’s an animal that has the ability to alter and manipulate matter. in the future, it may also be able to contact the celestial.
  • Ajak: It was able to connect with Celestials and assist in healing the wound. It was also the chief in the Eternal group.
  • Ikaris The Ikaris had the power to kill by its eyes as well as fighting its super powers. It also had flight powers.
  • Sprite: It can show real-life situations.
  • Kingo: He can take on cosmic creatures using his hands.

What was the reason Ikaris Killed Ajak?

Ikaris killed their leader in the team, Ajak. He took the decision after learning his leader who is Ajak was a defiance to their creator. They was adamant about their creator Celestial who had planned to bring about “Emergence” in the earth. The emergence was planned to happen at the expense of devastation to the earth.

Although Ajak and the other Eternals didn’t want to destroy Earth because they were in awe of humans living on Earth, Ikaris went against them. He remained with Arishem the creator of their universe, or as we might say, Ikaris is a Celestial.

Ajak didn’t want the destruction of earth and its emergence so, Ikaris took his leadership away Ajak. That’s the answer and reason behind that question. What was the reason Ikaris kill Ajak?

He (Ikaris) was also planning to kill Series however, he was able to not take her down because of his unending affection for the girl (Seris). However, he’s killed the leader of their team, Ajak.

What happened at the conclusion of Eternals?

In the end, Ikaris was unable to stop Series The new Celestial leader turned into a marble and the strategy of “Emergence” was not successful. Ikaris was able to go to the sun to escape this guilt, and then burned himself and was killed.

Final Verdict:

Marvel’s Eternals was a visionary film about protecting humans on Earth however the real motive was something else that resulted in the tragic end of Eternals. We hope that you have received complete information regarding ” Why Did Ikaris kill Ajak ?”

In addition, you can read details regarding Eternals here.

What do you think is the best way to justify the murder of Ajak by Ikaris? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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