Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool {July} Check The Reason!

Find out the reason why Francis get fired from Barstool. Learn about the circumstances that led to the blog was released.

Have you heard that the famous journalist Francis Ellis was fired from Barstool? What was the motive behind his demotion? What was the reasoning of his Barstool team and its leadership team claim to be the cause? What did the Barstool team and leadership think from Francis Ellis? Why is news about Francis’s resignation trending in United States?

Check out the answers to all of the previously mentioned questions within this post on What caused Francis get fired from Barstool.

Reasons for Francis’s removal:

On July 15th, 2022 the blogger posted a blog on Mackenzie Lueck. Initial reports suggested Lueck was using sugar daddy websites. Lueck had been using sugar daddy websites for dating. Francis was reading in the New York Post that morning and was focusing on the details regarding dating websites. Francis made use of jocks as a subject in his blogs, but he did not consider the specificity of the situation.

Keith Markovitch, the editor in chief at Barstool, Twitter that the editor will read Francis’s writings prior to publication. Francis responded to Markovitch’s tweet using an image.

Francis’s blog was removed immediately However, readers on the Barstool blog asked Dave Portnoy for comments. The reason why Francis was fired from Barstool is because Dave Portnoy, Barstool’s founder had fired Francis for a reckless blog.

What happened to The blog by Francis?

Francis was unaware of the possibility of Lueck’s death , as the media reports stated that the police didn’t believe that foul play was involved. The blog post was published on Friday, Mike Brown, the Salt Lake City Police Chief spoke at a press conference that the police had discovered burned pieces from Lueck inside the back yard of Ayoola Ajayi’s house located in Salt Lake City. If you’re interested in knowing more information regarding Francis you can read more below.

What’s the Reason Francis Be Fired from Barstool?

Francis was aware of his error He realized his mistake and Twitted an apology . He acknowledged the error that led to him being dismissed. Francis claimed that the tone and timing of his blog post were the most important factors because the news of Lueck’s death was announced soon after the blog had been published.

About Mackenzie Lueck:

Lueck was a student on her school, the University of Utah. Her disappearance lasted more than an entire week. Her family members had made a formal complaint with police, but they could not locate her location. Lueck’s family members were hopeful that she was alive, since they discovered posts that she had posted on Lueck’s Instagram account.

More About Francis Ellis:

Francis is a well-known writer as well as actor and comedian. If you’ve read this far, you’ve learned why Francis was Fired from Barstool. He hosts The Oops Podcast. He was a journalist on behalf of Barstool Sports. He also hosts the radio show. The stand-up comedy special he has created, Bad Guy, is available on Barstool Gold. Francis was seen performing across the USA as well as in a variety of other countries. We have no intention to blame or support anyone. We simply provide the information.


The latest interview, Francis took responsibility for his inability to analyze the circumstances and was sorry regarding his blog, as per sources. Francis professionally acknowledged Barstool gave him the advantage of being a responsible blogger. Francis acknowledged his mistake and believes that he should had a look at the latest news regarding Lueck and shouldn’t have made jokes on the blog.

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