Who Plays Pierre Cadault On Emily in Paris: Read Here!

People are looking for Pierre Cadault to play the role of Emily in Paris. Many characters, including Pierre Cadault, have been played by different actors in Emily in Paris. For more information on Pierre Cadault in Emily in Paris, please see the article below.

Who plays Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris

Pierre Cadault plays a role in Emily in Paris, an American romantic comedy television show. Many people have played different characters in the past. People might not be sure who is playing Emily, the Pierre Cadault character in Paris. Here’s the answer! So, popbuzz.com Jean Christophe Bouvetplays Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris.

What is Pierre Cadault’s age on Emily in Paris?

Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris is the most beloved character by the people. Cloud has been played by many people, as mentioned previously. Although there are many searches for Pierre Cadault On Emily Paris age, there is not much information about Pierre Cadault on Emily Paris. Keep checking this site for the latest news.

Emily in Paris

Darren Star created a Netflix original American romance comedy, Emily in Paris. The series is set in Paris and stars Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, an American marketing professional who moves to France to offer a French agency an American perspective. Due to her Midwestern U.S. heritage, she experiences cultural shock and struggles to find love while working. It includes Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo and Samuel Arnold as well as Camille Razat, William Abadie and Lucien Laviscount. It also includes Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.

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Who plays Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris-FAQ

1. Who plays Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris

Jean-Christophe Bouvet portrays Pierre Cadault on Emily in Paris.

2. When was the Series first broadcast?

The Series aired October 2, 2020.

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