Who Owns Truth Social (February) Check Here All You Need To Know!

The post discusses Who owns the Truth Social and provides further information about the motivation behind its creation. the site.

There’s a brand new social media site that is available in Canada and the United States and Canada. It’s nothing more than the social media platform Truth Social launched on President’s Day and is accessible to iOS users only.

This social media platform that ex-president of the US, Donald Trump announced to be banned from popular social media sites like Twitter was created. This article, we will provide you with details about who owns the Truth Social and the reason it was established.

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What is the Truth about Social?

Truth Social is a novel social media platform that was launched by the ex-president of US, Donald Trump. Additionally, the app displays an uncanny resemblance to Twitter which was one of the top sites for media use.

According to sources that President Trump was removed from Twitter mostly in 2021 due to creating a climate of violence around an incident at the US Capitol structure or building incident. In the coming parts we will discuss the who owns the Truth Social and the way to sign up to the similar.

Why You Should Start Them. Different Social Network

According to sources the account of Donald Trump on Twitter, with more than 90 million followers was removed in the beginning of 2021 after an incident at the US Capitol building incident. Additionally, he was removed from Facebook until the beginning of January 2023.

He decided to create his own social network to connect with people with no qualms.

As per the sources, it doesn’t substitute for the traditional platforms like Facebook as well as Twitter. Furthermore, it’s created to counter the trendy culture and deal less with accessibility and content moderated.

Who owns Truth social?

The platform has a lot in common with Twitter that was built with the open-source license of Mastodon. Additionally to that, Truth Social is comprised of two companies (TMTG) Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) was founded in the year 2000 by Patrick Orlando, a Miami banker, who also owns an exchange traded SPAC.

According to sources, Truth Social is formed as a result of a merger agreement among the two companies. The goal of this company to provide users alternative social networks and media. They are plans to launch a video streaming service, TMTG+ as well as the news network TMTG news.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of both of the companies who own Truth Social and the companies who own Truth to provide viewers with the most conservative audience.

Final Conclusive

The app is currently accessible exclusively for Apple users. Users can however download the app from the App Store however the Android version will be available shortly, as per the latest update posted on the official website that is operated by Truth Social.

However there have been complaints from users regarding error messages like there was a problem, and others are on the wait list because of the massive demand. Since it was in beta since December, it’s had more than 500 users as of now.

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