Who Owns Del Taco Let Learn About The Best Deal Ever!

This article explains who owns Del Taco and mentions other pertinent information regarding Del Taco’s current arrangement.

If we had to list some of the frequented establishments or places Restaurants would be on the list. Many people take a trip to eat out at places or organize meetings. A lot of people depend on local restaurants to find high-quality food.

Fast-food eateries are also well-known as they’re the best spot to visit when you’re in search of an easy and delicious bite. In recent years, Who Owns Del Taco has been gaining popularity.

This topic is mostly getting attention across the United States, where the chain of restaurants is very well-known. Read this article for more details.

About Del Taco

Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson created the company fifty-seven years ago in 1964. This is an empire of fast-food establishments throughout the US as well as other regions. It’s mostly known for serving Mexican food, as well as other popular American food products.

The company’s headquarters are in California and John D. Capassola, Jr. is the CEO. Tacos and hamburgers, burgers as well as salads are all the most popular items of food available at this eatery. Who is the owner of Del Taco? Another chain of restaurants, Jack in the Box is growing similarly within the United States.

What exactly is Jack in the Box?

Robert Oscar Peterson founded this company in 1951, making it around 70 years of age. The company is an American fast food chain that has thousands of locations all over the United States. There are even more in the West Coast of the US which is where it has enjoyed enormous growth.

The company has its head office in California. There’s a broad selection of food items and dishes at these eateries, such as hamburgers, fries, sandwiches egg rolls, and so on.

Who is the owner of Del Taco?

The relevant information about the owners of the restaurant chain are listed below, as well as the most recent changes:

  • Del Taco is a valuable company since it’s the second largest Mexican fast-food chain within the US second only to the well-known and popular Taco Bell.
  • Levy Acquisition Corp acquired this firm, and it later became publicly owned.
  • In the light of its appeal, Jack in the Box is set to purchase the company at the staggering cost of $575 million.
  • Jack in the Box will pay an astronomical $12.51 per share for the acquisition of the company.
  • Both companies have stated they are expecting to boost their growth further thanks to this agreement.
  • Who is the owner of Del Taco? If the deal that was announced recently goes into effect, Jack in the Box will be the owner of Del Taco.
  • Learn more about this news here.

The End Verdict

When someone is looking for fast food fast food establishments are the best option. Del Taco is one of the most prominent names found in these eateries. However, the restaurant is changing owners. Jack in the Box will purchase the chain at an a price that is staggering.

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