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Check out the Who Created Georgia Guidestones article. Georgia Guidestones report to get the truth about The Georgia Guidestone accident and the immense significance.

Are you aware of the destruction on the landmark Georgia Guidestone in Elbert County? Are you interested in knowing all the details about the monument? Are you aware of the ten principles of guiding upon the stones? If not, you should take a look at the article below for more details.

People from Canada and the United States and Canada are keen to learn the motive behind the destruction of the monument. The monument is known as an iconic landmark in America and the motive of the blast is a mystery. After extensive research we have found some interesting information about Who Made the Georgia Guidestones? Let us move into details.

Georgia Guidestones

The monument was erected in the month of June 1979 by a man known as Robert Christian, considered a pseudonym. The monument was constructed by him using the finest granite stones of the best quality and also wrote some guidelines for human beings.

The monument is located at Elbert County, Georgia and is referred to as “American Stonehenge”. The person who designed the monument wrote 10 principles for humankind, estimating that the likelihood of disaster worldwide in nuclear, social and economic. A source unknown has destroyed the monument on the 7 July 2022 early in the morning. The monument was removed by the authorities to protect the public. The world is searching the web in search of Georgia Guidestones Documentary.

Let’s make light of the incident and discover how the memorial was established and the guidelines. In the initial investigation, the authorities discovered an unidentified car at the scene and after the vehicle went away the monument, it was attacked. The cause of the blast and at the root of the scene has not yet determined.

We’ll gain some information about the ten principles that he has given to mankind. The monument measures 20 feet high and has more than 4,00 characters written. The capstone features eight languages inscribed: Spanish, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and traditional Chinese.

Georgia Guidestones Text

The text also includes:

  • Humanity should not exceed 500,000,000 in order to be in constant harmony with nature.
  • Reproduction must be handled with care to enhance fitness and increase diversity.
  • The human race should be united through an ever-changing language.
  • Tradition, passion, and faith must be enforced with rationality.
  • The law and the courts have to be fair in order to protect the people of this country.
  • Beware of petty laws and ineffective officials.
  • Each nation has its own internal authority however, external disputes settle by the global court.
  • Take care to balance personal rights, including social obligations
  • Infinite truth, beauty, love for seeking harmony.
  • Do not pose a threat for Earth and leave a space for nature to live.

We’ll learn more about Who made the Georgia Guidestones?

Nearby, people were able to hear the sound of the explosion early morning, around 4:00 AM. A video was released showing an illuminated object shortly before the explosion that followed the fall on the tablet. Kandiss Taylor and conspiracy theorists say the incident was a sham of God. The people responsible for these damaging actions must be prosecuted and are liable for their actions.


The article gives information about The Georgia Guidestone explosion and the Ten guidelines engraved onto the monument. Visit this page to get additional updates. Are you in agreement with this article? Who was the person who created the Georgia Guidestones Comment below.

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