Whitelaw Riley Obituary {June} Check What Happened To Her?

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Are you familiar with a 17 year old girl named Riley Whitelaw, who was murdered by her coworker? Riley Whitelaw was only 17-year-old when she was fatally shot by her co-worker Joshua Johnson. Joshua Johnson was the victim. Colorado Springs Police Department said that the manager of the business had informed them of the shooting.

As they approached the scene they discovered a body in the breakroom covered in blood. They found bodies of the teenage girl who was who was identified as Riley Whitelaw. After her death the family and friends of her across America United States searched for more information about Whitelaw Riley Death notice .

Riley Whitelaw Obituary and Dateline

According to the initial police report of the local police that her manager at work made the report on the 11th of June, 2022. The family member of her deceased mother posted the death obituary on the internet after she was declared dead by police who were investigating the incident.

Colorado Springs Police, United States, registered the incident. According to the reports, a shop keeper witnessed a woman screaming and the sound sounded like the stalls were crashing. She heard the noise at 5:45pm on Saturday. The man who was arrested in the murder trial and will show up in court the the 21st of June.

About the Case of Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs

An 17-year old from Colorado Springs, Riley Whitelaw was killed by a coworker, Joshua Johnson. Riley Whitelaw was apprehensive with her manager in 2012 about the suspect who shot her.

The manager Zunino claimed that he spoke to Johnson and requested that he keep things routine. Recently, she mentioned that Johnson made his work uncomfortable. Additionally, after Joshua Johnson was arrested for the murder, he admitted that was in love with Riley before, but is not interested anymore and is in love with her.

He later admitted to being in the breakroom and was splattered with blood by Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs. Police are still looking into the incident, and he was taken into custody for murder in the 1st degree.

Burial Arrangements & Riley Whitelaw Obituary

The family members made the arrangements for her funeral and funeral. The funeral, death announcement, and other information will be made available online by her family as well as family members in the appropriate date. Family members and friends of her will be informed of the news via her death announcement.

All of her loved ones and relatives are asked to offer their respects and remember the deceased. Everyone is encouraged to offer their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Details regarding Whitelaw Riley’s Whitelaw Riley Obituary , funeral, and the celebration of her life will be made available in the near future. Also, please add your personal tributes and ask the soul of the deceased to grant the courage to face grief over the passing of Whitelaw Riley.


Riley Whitelaw was shot dead by a coworker on June 11, 2022. According to the first account, the woman was shot dead by a colleague and later, he was arrested for murder. When she was declared dead and her family members were all devastated, they were stunned, and began to share their condolences on Social Media and searching for event details as well as Whitelaw Riley Funeral.

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