White Missing Raheem {Dec} Check The What Report Says!

The hunt to find White missing Raheem are ongoing because no details of his location have been released.

The police are still trying to locate a clue to the Toronto citizen, Mr White Raheem who went missing for more than 4 days. The family and acquaintances of White Raheem have been worried but optimistic about his fate. It is reported that the Canada Police are carrying out a thorough investigation to locate White missing Raheem. In an area where the crime rate is extremely low The disappearance White Raheem is quite alarming. Let’s discuss the facts.

Who is White Raheem?

White Raheem is a Canadian citizen, who was raised in Brampton and was DJ in Brampton. He was a participant in many events, parties as well as local art festivals along with radio broadcasts. He was into cooking and cycling, in addition to his intense fascination with pop culture. White Missing Raheem is described as 6 feet tall, which is similar to an athlete.

The image of Raheem is now available on Google. He has brown eyes and brown hair as well as a black beard. When he went missing, he was wearing a black jacket , black pants with an orange toque, and the black backpack.

How did he vanish?

The incident that there was a White missing was registered by the Police on December 1st. The man was missing between Osler Street and Pelham Avenue. After a while the van was found along with other belongings. He last spoke with the mother of his in Jamaica two days prior to his disappearance. White Missing Raheem’s family White Raheem is not announcing any news. Raheem hasn’t made any statements to the media, and is solely concerned about his return White.

After a long search, whether White Raheem is dead or alive is not known. There is no evidence of his whereabouts is available His disappearance is an open question. The relatives of White Raheem used social media to discover details about him.

There is no information about a thorough investigation has been made public by the family members or the Police. There are reports that he would bring girls to his home after parties, and that the incident may be linked to his work as a DJ in a particular way. However, his associates have denied any inferences.

White Missing Raheem: The Investigation so far

The Police have released a few information, but it can be confirmed that they have still unable to come up with any concrete information regarding the disappearance of White. The family is hopeful because they see White as a positive person and it is not likely after the sudden disappearance of White. The van that was discovered by police close to Lake Shore contained White’s wallet as well as his keys. Police have thoroughly searched the area but with no success.


The last time we heard from White Raheem, a Canadian DJ, was reported missing. Police are currently investigating the case and his family is worried over his disappearance. The question of whether he’s dead or alive is still to be determined.

The information about the case mentioned in the previous paragraphs suggest that the reasons of the time that White Raheem was missing Raheem disappears are suspect and suspect. To find out more, check out this comprehensive story.

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