Where Is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV: Where Is She Now?

Where Is Angelica Campos Going? The public is eager to know where Angelica Campos will be working after she announced her departure from KGTV.

Angelica Campos, a meteorologist of great talent, has had a significant impact on the broadcast meteorology profession.

She has become known as a reliable information source in the industry because of her passion for weather forecasting, and dedication to giving viewers accurate information.

Angelica began her meteorology career when she and her family moved to the United States at age 13.

The Costa Rican meteorologist was raised and born in San Jose. Campos had little or no English, but was able to succeed in class and receive a scholarship for her further studies.

Angelica holds degrees in broadcasting meteorology and mass communication from West Georgia University and Mississippi State University.

Campos is well-known in the field of meteorology for her dedication, passion, and knowledge of the subject.

She is an inspiring meteorologist who is well-known for her ability to explain complicated weather facts.

Angelica Campos: Where is she going after leaving KGTV? New Job

Where is Angelica Campos heading? The question is a hot topic, since KGTV recently announced that the meteorologist had left her job.

Angelica was a full-time meteorologist at KGTV channel 10 for more than eight years.

Angelica Campos’s search for “where is Angelica Campos” began when she stepped down from her job in order to spend quality time with family.

KGTV honoured the meteorologist’s experience and showcased some of her best work and captured moments.

Through the uploaded short reel, Campos’ colleagues send their love and best wishes to her for her future.

Angelica Campos did not reveal who her admirers are about her new position.

Angelica hasn’t shared any information about where she will begin her new job, or which show she will replace.

The meteorologist may share her new position through social networking in the future. This will answer the question “Where is Angelica Campos heading?”

Angelica’s LinkedIn profile makes it seem as though she will be a meteorologist in her new position.

Campos gained meteorology expertise over the years and has worked as a weather forecaster for three different stations from 2007 to 2023.

Angelica Campos Career Highlights

Angelica Campos began her career at AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania, with a solid academic foundation.

There, the meteorologist developed multilingual skills, making predictions in English and Spanish, for stations throughout the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Canada.

Her meteorological expertise and her attractive on-screen personality attracted Fox8 News Cleveland, Ohio where she worked both as a morning and weekend weather forecaster.

Angelica was a familiar face on ABC10, providing weather updates in several newscasts including The Now.

Angelica Campos is a Fox 8 News meteorologist.

According to her LinkedIn Profile, she worked as an evening meteorologist for KGTV channel 10 from June 2015 until May 2023.

Angelica is a multi-faceted person with many interests and hobbies outside of work. She enjoys exercising by jogging and cycling.

She also enjoys surfing. Campos loves spending time with Jasmine and Doppler, her two cats.

Angelica’s commitment to make a difference goes beyond her career as a meteorologist.

She lives by “Yes You Can.” She inspires others to believe in themselves and to surround themselves with positive influences so that they can overcome challenges.

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