When Can File My Taxes For 2022 {January} Check The Deadline Here

Due to Emancipation Day, and Patriots Day, the deadlines for when I can file my tax returns for 2022 are extended to 2022.

The 15th of April is the usual date for filing taxes with taxpayers of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The date was changed to 2022 across both the United States and Canada. The reason for this shift is due to the holiday of Emancipation holiday in America. The article which is titled When I Can I File Taxes for 2022 we will go over the tax deadline, the motives to change the date this year and more. If you have yet to pay tax are in the process of getting some crucial information due.

The 15th of April is the date for Taxes

Traditionally, the deadline for filing tax returns is the 15th of April. The day is generally referred to by the name of Tax Day. Tax returns must be submitted to the IRS by the 15th of April. The tax return contains information required by the Internal Revenue Code. Tax Day was first started in the year 1955 and continued to be observed until the year that ended when I was able to file my Taxes in 2022. Certain changes were introduced this year for the obvious reasons.

Dates to be changed for 2022

The tax deadline return is usually delayed when it is in conflict with any pandemic, public holiday or natural disaster, as well as the day of emancipation. In this case the federal government is given the authority to establish the date for tax return to be extended. The power was once exercised in the past when Patriots Day conflicted with Tax day. In 2022, the 16th of April is Emancipation Day. Unfortunately, April 16 occurs on a Saturday in this year, meaning there is no official work to be accomplished since Tax Day is the last day of work for the week.

When Do I Have the Right to File My taxes for the year 2022 : Emancipation Day and Tax Day

When Tax Day closes the workweek and the tax day is pushed ahead to the following Monday i.e. April 18 2022. This will be done in light of Emancipation Day, celebrated on April 16. This day is celebrated to commemorate that Lincoln signed the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act by President Abraham Lincoln.

The Act allowed 3,000 slaves to be freed from slavery in the United States from forced labour and slavery. From 2005 onwards, this holiday is celebrated throughout Washington D.C. For citizens of Maine and Massachusetts the 18th of April will be Patriots Day, and therefore they are allowed an additional day to file their when they can file their taxes for the year 2022 the tax return, i.e. till April 19. The deadline for automatic extension will be April 18 for request for an additional six-month extension for filing the tax return. This means that all issues regarding dates for filing the tax return are resolved.


The Federal Government of the United States celebrates Emancipation Day on the 16th of April. Tax Day falls on the 15th of April – a Friday which means that the deadline to file tax returns has been extended to April 18. The deadline for tax returns in Maine and Massachusetts the deadline was April 19, in celebration of Patriots Day. For more details, read IRS Tax Refunds: What time will the IRS accepting tax returns for the year 2022?

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