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Learn the basics about the documentary called Whatisawomen which made a lot of people’s tongues tense and became the object of critique.

Have you heard that a brand new film has recently been released within the United States and Canada in which the question is the nature of women? The issue has a broad view and range that can’t be summarized in a single line.

Walsh published a variety of books that have been subject to criticism. Following the release of the film, internet users began to search for Whatisawomen’s site and came up with results that were related to Whatisawomen.net. This article we’ll discuss specifics of the Whatisawomen.com filmfilm as well as other relevant information.

about Whatisawomen.com:

The website that has the URL Whatisawomen.com is not there! The website whatisawomen.net is a separate website that informs you about the lives of women from various parts of the globe. However, this site is not connected in any way to the whatisawomen films.

The film, called What I Saw Owned Women, will be presented as true documentary written by Matt Walsh. The documentary was produced through The Daily Wire that is considered to be humorous and bold in addressing various aspects of gender ideology.

Walsh is a 36-year-old journalist of The Daily Wire. Also, he is a political conservative anchor. On the documentary Whatisawomen.com, Walsh travels around the world to gather the opinions of various individuals from communities, experts, and communities on what it means to be a woman.

Whatisawomen is an enlightening documentary that explores gender ideologies. The film reveals how experts and individuals have become apprehensive when asked what women are.

A few people were confused as to what they could say or how to respond to that question, by the definition of women. A few people didn’t would like to answer to the query, and this indicates that they might have negative views about women.

The Making of Whatisawomen.com document:

Walsh went out on the streets of America. US to ask the similar question to women. A few of them claimed that women are a grown-up woman. However some women gave the impression that they were different than the gender they were born with.

Walsh traveled to visit the Masai tribe of Africa in Africa, where the position of every gender is set in the society/community. When asked about what the role of a female is to the head of the community for the Masai tribe, he replied that there’s no such thing and did not offer an opportunity to discussion.

Information on Whatisawomen.com :

Walsh interviewed professionals and has compared health system for children with physical assault. The documentary seeks to explore many issues related to women’s equality as well as suicides, inequity and the challenges that women face, and more.

The documentary was also subject to cyber-attacks that highlighted the sensitive nature of the subject of what it means to be a woman. `


Whatisawomen isn’t a website. It’s a 1:57:27 minute long documentary which was released on January 1, 2022. It is classified as a genre of Drama created by Dreamwork for The Daily Wire, featuring Matt Walsh interviewing various individuals. The Whatisawomen.com documentary was initially produced in English and was filmed within the USA. It’s accessible on several platforms that allow free viewing and streaming, including YouTube.

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