What Preparation Should Be Made by Candidates without Good Foundation before Reading CCNA Study Guide in Order to Pass CCNA Certification through Self-study?

If you have difficulty in understanding the books of CCNA certification, try not to embarrass yourself to read them first. Instead, you should turn to the existing open class videos on the Internet, such as the open class of computer network of some universities, or the relevant promotion videos of CCNA certification from some training institutions.

  1. Obtaining CCNA certificate find dump HERE requires you to master relatively simple knowledge, but it also helps learners to establish a more comprehensive knowledge system, from the origin of the network to the theoretical learning model (OSI) of the network. Candidates ought to know how the application, representation, session, transmission, network, link and physics layers work together, the current network operation model (TCP / IP), know what is the three handshakes, and understand the differences between TCP and UDP;
  2. You need to learn what is IP and what is mask, how to reasonably plan limited IP resources, and understand the basic concepts such as DHCP and DNS;
  3. You need to understand what is a LAN and what is a virtual LAN, the basic principle of the switch working in layer 2 and how the layer 2 link prevents the formation of a loop through STP;
  4. You need to master the basic routing protocol classification, know that there are static and dynamic differences in routing, and different dynamic protocols such as RIP, EIGRP and OSPF, and understand the differences between routers and switches;
  5. You need to learn the basic network restriction operation, understand how the access control list (ACL) works, and what is the anti-mask involved;
  6. You need to understand some WAN technologies that have been and are still in use, such as PPPoE. In addition, you need to read more about some basic concepts about cables, know what common transmission media are, and remember the line sequence of RJ45 crystal head and the basic functions of each line.

To learn these things, you need to master at least the basic principles of binary, hexadecimal and so on in An Introduction to Computer. It’s best to have studied courses such as Data Structure. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied, but you must find a way to make it up slowly, otherwise you can only march on the spot. Once you want to learn CCNP or even CCIE certification courses, your basic skills will greatly influence the learning progress and depth.

Therefore, though the content of CCNA certification exam is relatively easy to understand, it is still important to learn it carefully in order to lay a solid foundation for further study of CCNP and CCIE certification which are the higher level certifications in Cisco certification system. To pass CCNA certification exam, you can download CCNA certification exam question dump to study. In addition, you can communicate with other students who are preparing for CCNA certification online to share your problems and experience.

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