What Makes QuickBooks Hosting Best for The Businesses?

Whether you’re running a multi-million dollar business or just getting started, you need to start tracking your numbers. This can be done in Excel, Google Sheets, or accounting software if you want to make it easier for yourself.

Intuit QuickBooks provides payroll, inventory, expense tracking, and billing capabilities. The desktop version of QuickBooks is still leading the best of Intuit’s accounting applications. However, the online version of QuickBooks is growing steadily, and young companies prefer QuickBooks Cloud solutions for their businesses to grow.

Things you should know about cloud-based QuickBooks software:

  1. Connect Your Bank Account Directly

When working with small businesses, we know how important it is for you to have a “set and forget” tool. The best accounting systems, once set up, need to automatically streamline the way they work. QBO, like any other web-based solution, connects to a bank and runs it. Instead of manually entering all bank-related transactions, everyone can connect their account once and download all transactions for the last three months. It is possible to connect multiple checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards with QuickBooks so that you’re including all appropriate transactions.

  1. You Don’t Have to Back up Your Data

QuickBooks Online is a web-based solution that stores all your data in the cloud. Intuit is reported to be using the same server that supports the US government. This is part of the attraction. All information stored in QuickBooks Online is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device at any time. When you update the transaction information, it will be automatically synchronized across all devices. Therefore, cloud solutions can save you the time and money you spend storing and backing up your files.

  1. You Can Automate Several Processes

The best thing about QuickBooks small business solutions is that you can simply automate multiple processes. This characteristic reduces redundancy and reduces the chance of forgetting to do something.

  1. Multiple Users Can Use It Simultaneously

Depending on the plan you choose for QuickBooks, you can add multiple users and accountants with complete or restricted access to QuickBooks data. You can add multiple users to your small business based on what subscription level you choose. You can work around this with your team simultaneously on the same QB file.

  1. Easy accessibility

Cloud-based QuickBooks allows you to access the software on your Azure Windows 10 Virtual Desktop from anywhere. You don’t have to be at your desk to update or check your accounts. For example, an authorized user can easily verify business expenses by categorizing them from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone easily.


QuickBooks provides lots of benefits to its users, especially for small businesses. It not only simplifies the accounting needs but also provides flexibility which makes businesses grow rapidly.

If you are still confused about QuickBooks, let experts guide you and set up QuickBooks for you. Hosting QuickBooks with a professional third-party hosting provider such as Apps4rent who are also experts in providing services like Microsoft Government Cloud will deliver multiple benefits for end-users. For instance, you can enjoy auto-updates, regular data backup, data entry automation, remote access, and many more.

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