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This article What happened to Cooper Noriega provides genuine details, as well as the reason for his death as well as his prior relationships.

Are you one of those who is always scrolling through their mobile phone? Are you a huge fan of the cult Tiktokers?

If you are you’ve probably read about the recent death of the infamous Tiki Tok singer Cooper Noriega. The death of Cooper Noriega shocked worldwide fans. Here is the story that contains snippets of Cooper’s story. Noriega.

Death in shock

Cooper Noriega was a famous Tik-Toker with around 1.7 million people following him. In June of 2022 Cooper was found dead in the outdoor parking area of the mall located in the 500 block North First Street in the Burbank area in California.

According to the official report, Los Angeles medical officials confirmed his death, however, according to the latest media reports, Cooper had not remained inside the vehicle and there were no indications of trauma on his body. The reason for his death isn’t determined as the results are expected to be released after the finalization of an autopsy.

How Did Cooper Noriega Die

The medical examiners are confused by his death, which is why they carry out additional tests to determine the cause of the death. In the hours prior to his death Cooper TikTok star wrote a post on ‘young age deaths on his Facebook account. Therefore, the followers of Cooper are seeking the connection between his tweet and his death.

According to the internet source according to the source online, the source claims that Mr. Cooper Noriega had severe addiction and mental health issues. Medical examiners believed that this could be one of the causes of his death. They are now investigating further.

Cooper bio

Cooper Noriega Age was 19 and he passed away at 19 years old. He was born on June 28 2002. However, he passed away two weeks prior to his birthday. He was was raised within the United States in a well-to-do Christian family. He was educated at a local school and university at the local high school as well as an private university.

In his early years, He was interested in dance and acting as well as modeling. These interests helped him reach a new height in tik tok. The most popular videos of his revolve around lip-syncing, dancing and modeling. He also aims to aid those struggling with addiction and mental issues.

The status of his relationship:

Cooper Noriega Girlfriend, was Sabrina Quesada. They broke up several months ago. He had been his girlfriend from the past. It’s a popular tik-tok diva in Mexico City with millions of social media users. In the beginning, she was included in a group show starring a variety of personalities known as “Not a Content House,” which is also known as NACH.

She then appeared on an YouTube reality show titled Hype House, in which breakup rumors circulated via social media. In the end, the couple announced their split via social media on April 21st, 2022. After that the news broke that Cooper Noriega was the only one to announce it. Cooper Noriega was not dating anyone.


The article What happened to Cooper Noriega described the incident however the cause of his death is unclear. Since Copper was suffering from mental issues, he started an Discord server to aid individuals suffering from mental disorders. However, he passed away leaving his thoughtful gesture to the people. For updates about Cooper Noriega.

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