Whaling Days 2022 {July} Check Schedule & Plans Detail Here

This article provides all the details on Whale Days in 2022 and additional details about the activities that will be featured in the upcoming Festival.

Have you heard of this year’s Whaling Days festival? Are you aware the exact date this Festival will occur this year? If not, found the perfect blog with all the information. The whaling festival is held every year. The whaling festival is extremely well-known throughout America. United States.

In this post we will discuss each aspect regarding Whaling Days 2022 and more details regarding the dates for Whaling Days 2022. Whaling Days festival. Visit the blog below to get additional details.

Whaling Days Festival Event 2022:

The moment has arrived for that which you’ve all been anticipating for. It’s the Whaling Festival started on the final day of the year. The dates for the Whaling Days celebration of this year were earlier announced by the Board of directors of Silverdale Whaling Days. It began on Friday on July 29, and last until the 31st of July on a Sunday.

The upcoming Whaling Days festival is set to begin by displaying Fireworks at dusk on the 29th of July. Additionally, Whaling Days Silverdale will also feature food festival, Live Music and much more throughout the day.

As a continuation of this year’s Fire Work event at dusk on the 30th of July, Sunday, the Festival will come with a variety of fun-filled events that will include live music, kids activities, Parade, street fair, a food fair, and more.

The Festival will end on the 31st day of July, which is Sunday. As a continuation of the exciting activities that day will conclude the Festival however the final day will be filled with entertainment and excitement like live music, duck races, and vendor. The entire Festival, which runs for three days, is packed with fun and joy.

Additional information regarding Whaling Day 2022

The Whaling days weekend brings lots of excitement and fun since it’s a 3-day festival that started on the 29th of July, and will last until July 31. This is a fun-loving and family-friendly festival.

The Whaling Days festival is run by volunteers and is a non-profit event. The festival is held in Silverdale, the Old Town Silverdale. The Festival was first held in 1974. Over a thousand people attend together with their families each year to attend this Festival and have great fun.

Everything about Whaling Days Festival 2022:

The Whaling Days Festival is a non-profit family-friendly and non-profit festival that is family-friendly and non-profit. This year’s Whaling Days 2022 utilizes the money contributed by the community to fund scholarships and other non-profit organizations. In addition the festival is fun and exciting which is why this years Whaling festival has plenty more to offer. It began on the 29th July, with a fireworks Show at dusk. It it will end the 31st of July, 2022. parade, fairs and food children’s activities as well as live music, and much more.


The Whaling Days festival will be packed with fun, entertainment activities, and happiness. This article gives the complete information. For more information and to to find out more about Whaling Days Celebration 2022 Click on this link.

This article contains all information regarding Whale Days 2022 and provides further information about the events of the Festival.

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