Wdmws Reviews Check Is This Legit Or Scam

Are you looking for honest Wdmws Review threads? This is the summary of this online store.

Are you curious about Wdmws.com’s authenticity? Do you want to read the comments made by this online shop’s customers?

Today, many shoppers prefer to shop online for their products. Unfortunately, scammers from the United States have learned to exploit websites to steal buyers’ cash. This Wdmws Review article will help you to identify the key hints.

This Shopping Website

Wdmws.com was discovered by us after we removed it. It claimed that it was built in 2018 and has a mission to sell premium sneaker. We discovered that the website was selling masks, socks, casual dresses for women, and other items. Wdmws.com explained that they aim to deliver items in the timeframe required, and not take up too much of your time.

We also learned from the About Us page that the portal guarantees that every customer is treated with the utmost respect and caution. Let’s quickly read the next passage to get to know more about this portal.

Declaring Specifications To Meet Is Legit ?

  • Our interpretation retained that the portal’s URL is https://www.wdmws.com.
  • Website announced that it would notify buyers via email about refund status.
  • This shopping portal did not contain any telephone numbers.
  • The shipping time was stated by the online shop as 7 to 9 business days.
  • This website has a newsletter option that was detected by the scrutiny.
  • Wdmws.com accepts payments via credit cards or PayPal
  • To be eligible, the shopper must either return the product in its original packaging or use a suitable alternative.
  • This online shop does not have any social icons.
  • From the website, we got the email address SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.COM.
  • The Wdmws Review research revealed that Wdmws.com was only 7 days old when it was launched digitally on 22-08-2022.
  • The analysis did not find any fine points in the exchange policies.
  • The portal lists many products such as T-shirts and shoes, as well as dresses and masks.
  • Research found no acceptable delivery timetable for the website.
  • We found the address at 320 W Kimberly Rd in Davenport (IA 52806) USA.

Benefits Discovered

  • An inquiry was made to confirm the existence of the newsletter option.
  • The website claimed that it offered many offers and had a reward program.
  • We were able to verify the postal address was available.
  • The address details were detected by our inspection.

Shortcomings Observed

  • The Wdmws Review did not see any details about the phone number, leading to suspicion
  • We did not reveal any social icons.
  • Trustpilot’s research revealed no comments.

Wdmws.com Is Deceptive?

  • Domain Freezing Day – Our survey revealed that this shop was active up to 22-08-2023.
  • Trust Score – This score is unreliable and reflects its dubious nature.
  • Legitimacy – We found that the offers seem too low, which is a common trademark of scammer websites. This prevented us from trusting this site.
  • Trust Rank – This website has a score of 14.5/100 Trust Rank.
  • Customer Opinions – We found no Trustpilot reviews, which led to the question Is Wdmws Legit. This online shop does not have a Facebook page to attract customers.
  • Alexa Rank – Wdmws.com received a 4347824 Alexa Rank.
  • Bulk- Buying Options – We searched the portal and found this option.
  • Plagiarization Almost all details on the website are duplicated content, just like other troublesome shopping platforms.
  • Policies Details – We have concluded that some of the most important details, such as the delivery policy and the exchange policy are not available on this site.
  • Originality Upon inspecting the address, we found no business similar to Wdmws.com operating even in the vicinity.
  • Social Media Connections – The Wdmws Review research indicated that icons are missing.
  • Website Age – We revealed that the portal’s inauguration was 22-08-2022. This implies that it is seven days old.

Customer Feedback

A thorough review of Trustpilot and Internet revealed that there were no reports from shoppers on Wdmws.com. This is a problem. We were also unable to trust this online shop due to the lack of social icons and a legitimate Facebook page. Wdmws.com also has many flaws that we discovered during our investigation. You will need to wait for comments before you buy from this shop. You can find more information about credit cards scams here.

The Last Words

This Wdmws Review post examined the site and found many loopholes. These included the domain’s recent age, low trust rank, and score. Learn more about PayPal tricks here. Get essential information about socks here.

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