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What’s the latest controversy surrounding the Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream Please read the article to find out the truth.

Do you love ice cream? Are you a fan of Walmart’s ice-cream? The government declared Juneteenth a holiday to celebrate independence, freedom, and people in the United States as well as the Canada love this day.

Walmart was faced with some controversies after launching their new ice-cream. They decided to remove the ice-cream. Continue reading the Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream controversy Article to learn why Walmart has decided to discontinue the ice cream.

What’s the fuss?

Walmart launched their new ice-cream, which includes cheesecake and red velvet flavors, to commemorate Juneteenth. According to FOX Television Stations the company stated that they had received negative feedback after launching the new ice cream. They also apologized and promised to remove it.

The viral photos of Walmart ice cream were shared on social media. The ice cream tub had a label that stated that it was to celebrate and share the American-African culture and enduring hope. It was the celebration edition.

However, consumers raised concerns about the Juneteenth ice cream Great Value. They also told the company that they shouldn’t make any money from such events. The retailer responded to criticism by saying they were trying to maximize profit from an event that commemorates the hard journey of black people to become free from slavery.

What’s Juneteenth?

The 19th of June 1865 was commemorated by the designation Juneteenth. This was the day that Union soldiers brought the news to Galveston, Texas that the Confederacy had surrendered and the slaved blacks of Galveston, Texas were free from slavery. After two and a quarter years, the Southern states finally released the enslaved through the Emancipation Proclamation.

The reaction to Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream 

Juneteenth is a serious date with a dark past. Building Resources in Diversity Growth of Employees wrote that it was not funny to profit from such a great day. BRIDGE asked if the company would launch ice-cream to remember the Holocaust or the 7th April genocide in Rwanda. They won’t launch, surely. Then, why chose Juneteenth as the launch date for their new ice-cream?

Let’s talk about Juneteenth ice cream Great Value . Now let’s look at when Juneteenth is considered to be a holiday.

President Joe Biden signed a bill last year creating the Juneteenth National Independence Day. Because the 19th June 2021 fell on Saturday, the government celebrated the holiday Friday. Juneteenth has been recognized as a paid holiday in nine states.

Is there another ice cream Walmart would like to launch on a particular day?

Yes. Walmart will also launch a new celebration edition to celebrate Pride Month in June. This ice cream is white chocolate with cherry and brownies flavors.


They will soon pull their ice cream off the market following the Walmart Juneteenth Ice Cream controversy. It was wrong to profit from such an solemn occasion. Click on the link to gain a detailed knowledge of Juneteenth – .

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